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About Ugears and Brand History

Ugears is a start-up company from Kyiv, Ukraine originated in 2014

Ugears specialize in masterfully crafted wooden puzzles and smart self-propelled wind-up mechanisms.

In about a year they have implemented 14 different wooden puzzles and started their Kickstarter campaign where Ugears was backed-up by almost 4000 people exceeding the goal 20 times with overall donations of $300000.

There are more than 200 professionals (engineers, mechanics, woodworkers) that invested their time and experience in creating these models.

Spanning from replicas of boats, ships, car and locomotives and to a variety of models that can come really handy in your everyday life, like jewellery boxes, cardholders for TRPG enthusiasts — Ugears really grasped the widest amount of focus groups possible and broaden their roster since 2014.

Please find the PuzzleScore reviews for Ugears models below:

Ugears Assembly Tips

  • Every Ugears model set comes with a variety of tools that you will be using during the assembly: toothpicks, wax candles, wooden tool, sandpaper and rubber bands.
  • Toothpicks are used as connecting elements and separate details during the assembly.
    • Use a wooden tool to measure and cut the toothpick to the right size. Don’t worry as there plenty of toothpicks in every set, way more that you will need for full assembly.
  • Wax candles are used to lubricate the details that you might find hard to connect or to insert into the grooves.
    • Make sure to apply the wax to most details in a thorough manner to ensure the smooth assembly.
  • Rubber bands come in two kinds: small bands that are used for connecting details and wide and less stretchy bands that are usually used in wind-up mechanisms.
  • If you find it hard to insert one detail into a specific slot or if you feel that the detail is too big — use sandpaper to grind that detail a bit.
    • Double-check the instruction before doing that to make sure you are using the right detail.
  • The wooden tool (looks like a rocket) can be used to pluck out small details from the wooden plate. It is not only easier but also enable you to pluck out details safely without damaging them.
  • There might be flexible wooden details in a set. Make sure to handle those with great care as too much pressured can break or crack those details.
  • Every wooden plate with details has a number on it to make the assembly easier. We advise to keep the plates that you need at the moment and put other plates aside. This will ease the navigation and make the assembly more efficient.
If you need specific instruction or assembly video you can find it in detailed review of each model below.

Ugears Models FAQ

Is it possible to paint the model?

Sure, why not? Ugears recommend using gouache, watercolor or mordant. Avoid using acrylic paint though, as the sick layer of this paint may interfere the the mechanisms.

Where are the models made?

Ugears products are manufactured in Ukraine.

Do I need to use some additional tools?

No, the assembly process does not require anything ut our hands. The part from wooden plates can be easily plucked out by hand or bu using the rocket tool.

Can children assemble Ugears?

From 14 and above — sure. It might be a bit difficult for younger children, but with some help from elders — it should be just fine.

I have lost/broken a certain part! What now?

There are a certain number of spare part in each Ugears set so don’t worry. In case you need something specific — you can apply for spare part at Ugears website and those will be sent to you for free.

Are there any useful tips?

You can find the assembly tips at the end of every review. Those are puzzle type or brand-specific. We have accumulated all the specifics there.

Ugears Mechanical Models - Reviews and Descriptions

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