We’ve started a PuzzleScore Patreon!

Our main goal is to create a platform where people around the world will be able to find, share, read, score different puzzles, showcase their collections, and uncover amazing stories about great puzzle engineers.

We truly hope that our deeds will help to further popularize intellectual activities and more and more people will become avid puzzlers!

The full story and our plans can be read here.

The Mind Wall (The Wall of Fame)

Tiers Description

4$ – THANKS! 

  • Thanks for fueling our coffee addiction. Truly appreciate that!


  • Wow. You are awesome!


  • We just think that you are amazing! 20 a month! Really!? You are too kind!

50$ – COME ON! 

  • You know that’s actually a lot of money!

100$ – WHAT?

  • 100 a month will help us a lot. Oh the things we can do with that amount!

500$ – NO WAY!

  • We don’t even know what to say. We will definitely find a way to thank you in a special and unique way.

1000$ – OMG!

  • Ah, I can see you are a man of culture and dignity. Thank you, fine sir. We will try to repay you in the most amazing way we can think of.