Thanksgiving day PuzzlesHighlights
Top 5 Puzzles to Do Together on Thanksgiving Day
There is a saying “All happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. I know what happy families have in common –
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Ugears Handgun Wooden Puzzle3D
Wolf-01 Handgun Wooden 3D Puzzle by Ugears
Visual Description Wolf-01 Handgun is another 3D Wooden Puzzle mechanical model produced by Ugears, a Ukrainian startup based in Kyiv since 2014.
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Amy & Benton Tower Desk Clock Wooden 3D Puzzle DIY3D
Tower Desk Clock DIY Wooden 3D Puzzle by Amy&Benton
Visual Description We came across Amy&Benton recently when trying to discover something new and interesting puzzle world and I immediately liked the
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Perpetual Calendar Wooden 3D puzzle Model by ROKR3D
Perpetual Calendar Model Wooden 3D Puzzle by ROKR
Visual Description Perpetual Calendar by ROKR is one of those 3D Wooden Puzzles that have a more practical side than actual solving and assembling function.
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Wood World Map Puzzle 3D3D
Enjoy The Wood – «3D/2D/LED Maps»
Description A lot of people would say that travelling is their hobby. Well, we all love traveling and visiting new places, but most importantly — we do
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ugears tractor model3D
UGEARS «Tractor»
Visual Description Ever dreamt of owning a farm and having your tractor plowing your backyard? Tractor model is an entry level puzzle which can make those
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Ugears Date Navigator3D
UGEARS «Date Navigator»
Visual Description Date Calendar by Ugears is certainly something to impress and amaze your friends and family with. Great steampunk feel of it will certainly
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