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We are happy to see that you are as interested in puzzles, PuzzleScore and people behind it. Let’s get to know each other better, shall we?

We are a crew of close childhood friends: Roman and Nick. We all work in different fields, but the love for puzzles was always something that connected us.

Puzzle variety in the 90s was not really that impressive: Rubik’s Cube, 15 Puzzle, different constructors etc. We never had extensive collections and, honestly, there were no opportunities to buy different puzzles.

Many years later the market has grown, we are grown-ups ourselves and decided to come back to that hobby on a much wider scale. We realized that it is quite hard to find something new in puzzle world, especially if you want to find something worthwhile.

That is why we decided to create PuzzleScore — an encyclopedia of all puzzles known to humanity. To make sure that people can find something cool here with the minimum amount of time wasted — read review, see specifics and watch descriptive videos.

Our Story So Far

We have created this website in November 2019. Despite our daily jobs and casual routines we are trying to post articles every day and create new content. We gather every day after work to discuss future plans, think up and create new content.

As time flown, we saw that people started to come to PuzzleScore despite the fact we haven’t advertised it anywhere, other enthusiasts started to contact us via social networks asking questions, suggesting their ideas. We have been contacted by a few companies that asked to highlight their puzzles and even a puzzle-themed movie at our resources.

Initially we set very ambitious goals: create a few articles for the website daily and start a YouTube channel. It took longer than expected, but we are steadily progressing towards these goals.

All in all, in these few months of hard work we understood that people are interested in this topic and that gives great motivation going forward and continue with our efforts.

We want this project to be useful for everyone: not only for puzzle fans, but for everyone who wants to find themselves a new hobby or look for a great gift for their loved ones.

We believe the puzzle solving is a great way to spend your free time. In a digitized era of social networks and post-ironic memes it is very important to keep your brain fit! So we are welcoming all enthusiasts to our growing community — we hope you will be able to find something great here or uncover new ways to exercise your intelligence.

Our Mission

There is a lot of home-based enthusiastic puzzle constructors that are making some magical and unique puzzles. Imagine someone who is talented but unknown to wide public eye, creating something great in his or her garage, but at the same time working at an unappealing job and wasting their time on meaningless things instead of channeling their genius into something completely new. Our goal is to find them, present their work to the world and make them known.

It might sound too drastic, but we truly believe that we and You can change someone’s life by giving them a spotlight.

Maybe we can uncover something completely new in the puzzle world? A new smart “fidget spinner” or Rubik’s Cube? We’d like to think that with your help — it is quite possible to change the world and bring a new wave of puzzle making worldwide.

Future Plans

As far as our discussion went, we have though up a few long term goals to pursue:

  • Create text and video reviews for all types of puzzles, brain teasers, constructors, gadgets and provide descriptive step-by-step instructions on the assembly, usage and solutions.
  • Find puzzle makers that are scattered throughout the world and give them a platform to present themselves.
  • Create “How it’s made” videos to show all stages of puzzle creation from a concept to manufacturing process of well-known brands.
  • Dive deep and create video content with interviews of unknown puzzle constructors. Make them well-known and showcase their success story.
  • Implement community’s ideas on PuzzleScore platform: i.e. help with creating and manufacturing new puzzles, give way to enthusiasts to express themselves in a variety of way with PuzzleScore.
  • Develop a concept of Puzzle Scores, rating system driven by both professionals and community. We want people to refer to PuzzleScore whenever they think about purchasing a new puzzle — think of it as an IMDB rating whenever you want to watch a movie.

We are always open to suggestions and hope that these goals will grow in scope with time. We really want to have people influence PuzzleScore and be with us together on this journey.


We truly believe that dedicated community defines inspiration. First of all, we do it for everyone who is interested or wants to delve into the world of puzzle solving. That is why would be very happy if our visitors will participate in every aspect of our work, determine our priories and help us form the vision.

There are a lot of people in this world who have the same hobbies and aspirations like us — we want all this awesome people in our growing family.

The community will be able to post their own articles, participate in voting and receive additional benefits from PuzzleScore.

This will also help us to keep the website maintained and create more new content.

We welcome and happy for everyone who joins this community as we’d like everyone to participate and influence everything we do.

For those who wants to support us — we have created a Patreon page:


We are looking forward to any kind of cooperation and assistance. If you feel the same passion as we do — we will be glad to consider your  offers, for example

  • You want to write a review on your favorite article and have it posted on PuzzleScroe.
  • You produce puzzles or other similar products and want those to be highlighted here.;
  • You have your own website, agency, and there is a desire to cooperate with us;
  • You have suggestions about the content and development of our site.

If you have any suggestions, questions or inquiries, please contact us at  info@puzzlescore.com

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