Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box How it LooksPuzzle Boxes
Moon and Bear Puzzle – Unique and Beautiful Karakuri Puzzle Box
Karakuri Moon and Bear puzzle tells a story about a simple brown bear who decided to become a Moon Bear. FYI: Moon Bears are also known as Asian Black
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Davy Jones Locker PuzzlePuzzle Boxes
Davy Jones Locker – Escape Room in a Puzzle Box. Cluebox by iDventures
Sequential puzzles are quite rare and good sequential puzzles are even rarer, so it is always great to find something truly great. With my love of sequential
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Bitcoin Puzzle with 2 Playing Card DecksPuzzle Boxes
Bitcoin Puzzle with Playing Card Decks Puzzle Box by Oskar van Deventer
Description Around two years ago at Cardistry-Con in Hong Kong two skillful cardists/magicians Patrick Kun and Andrei Jikh announced the launch of their
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Kepler Puzzle by Felix UrePuzzle Boxes
Kepler Metal Puzzle by Felix Ure
Visual Description Kepler is the newest puzzle designed by Felix Ure. I guess that the only person who hasn’t heard of his impossible Titan Puzzle must
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TOP 5 Puzzles to do on Halloween night3D
Top 5 Puzzles for a Halloween Night
Halloween is about something spooky, mysterious and, therefore, thrilling. As puzzle lovers, we believe there is nothing more thrilling than a new puzzle
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TOP 5 Ingenious Puzzles to solve on Labor Day!
Labor Day is near, my friends! This means that we will get another long weekend that we can spend with our families and friends, exchange some amazing
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TOP 5 Great Puzzles to Solve on Independence Day3D
TOP 5 Great Puzzles to Solve on Independence Day
How do you celebrate Independence Day? I am sure that is something connected with your family and friends: trip to the lake, BBQ cookout, watching fireworks
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Karakuri Ripple Out Puzzle Box SolutionJapanese
Ripple Out Puzzle Box – Japanese Wooden Puzzle Box by Karakuri
Visual Description Ripple out is a masterfully crafted puzzle box, or Karakuri, that was devised by Osamu Kasho, a puzzle master hailing from Odawara and
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Karakuri Dice Puzzle BoxJapanese
Dice Puzzle Box – Japanese Wooden Puzzle Box by Karakuri
Karakuri Dice is a puzzle box designed by Akio Kamei from Karakuri Creation Group. I have to say right away — I have a soft spot in my heart for unusual
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Karakuri Egg PuzzleJapanese
Egg Puzzle Box – Japanese Wooden Puzzle Box by Karakuri
Visual Description Karakuri boxes come in various shapes and form. In fact, shapes and forms vary so much that it’s not really reasonable to refer to these
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