Top 5 Puzzles for a Halloween Night

TOP 5 Puzzles to do on Halloween night 3D

Halloween is about something spooky, mysterious and, therefore, thrilling. As puzzle lovers, we believe there is nothing more thrilling than a new puzzle and nothing more scary than not being able to solve it!

So heeere’s Johnny and the 5 Puzzles to do on Halloween night!

1. Hurricane Puzzle Box – Ancient Egypt

Hurricane Puzzle Box - Ancient Egypt

All these Egyptian things with mummies, Anubis and pharaohs always aroused my interest. So many legends and scary stories about opening the sarcophagi and about those who were cursed because of that! But in this case we offer you to open something without fatality – Hurricane Puzzle Box – Ancient Egypt.  

First thing to mention is the woodcarving. You just can’t take your eyes off it. The box is made of maple wood with floorboard bottom. It feels like you’re holding a masterpiece, which actually can be also used as a treasure box as there is a space inside.

It may be challenging to open if you haven’t done such puzzles before and it’s quite pricey, but this box is totally worth it though!

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2. Pumpkin 1 and Pumpkin 2 Puzzles by Pelikan

Pumpkin 1 Puzzle by Pelikan
Pumpkin 2 Puzzle by Pelikan

Do you want to play a game? Pelican manufacturer does want you to. They want you to get that box and fit three wooden pieces inside, so none of them sticks out and then take it out again.

The flawlessly produced Pumpkin 1 and Pumpkin 2 were designed by Osanori Yamamoto, a talented puzzle box master.

You probably wonder why they are called Pumpkins. It’s because of the color contrast and the details you need to input are orange.

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3. Silver City Luxe Kit – Wooden DIY Puzzle Box

Silver City Luxe Kit Wooden DIY Puzzle Box

Be afraid. Be very afraid. This thing is definitely for puzzle maniacs. It consists of 528 wooden pieces, which you need to assemble to get the symmetrical box with movable parts.

The quality actually makes this puzzle box a bit pricey, but I am sure you will forget about the price after you see it. There is something hypnotic and satisfying in the harmony of the identical box sides and the red patterns.

Check Prices for Silver City Luxe Kit – Wooden DIY Puzzle Box

4. Ghostbuster – Wooden Packing Problem Brain Teaser Puzzle

Ghostbuster Puzzle

I am trying my hardest not to sing that song but I would not keep myself from assembling Ghostbuster Wooden Puzzle. It is a wooden frame with 5 pieces (happy ghosts) which you need to put inside. 

This perfect Halloween present puzzle is made by brilliant Jean Claude Constantin. He is known for his complex wooden brain teasers and mazes.

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5. Hanayama Cast Vortex

Hanayama Cast Vortex

Sometimes dead is better. Better than having a Cast Vortex by Hanayama and not to manage how to solve it.

The puzzle is actually a zinc vortex consisting of 3 pieces and what you need to do is disassemble and reassemble it back.

If you are a God in the puzzle world and you haven’t tried to disassemble this Vortex, you can’t call yourself like that! This piece is mind-blowing and head boiling, so you must be thoughtful and prepare to sit steadily and try not to get furious.

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I hope these suggestions gave you some ideas on how to spend that night, except for watching the whole “Halloween” franchise for the umpteenth time. I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner:)

Make sure to let us know in the comments if you have any questions. Thanks!

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