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Karakuri Moon and Bear puzzle tells a story about a simple brown bear who decided to become a Moon Bear. FYI: Moon Bears are also known as Asian Black Bears so yeah, it is a real animal. This bear species has a cool-looking white crescent shape mark on their chests that actually resembles a moon.

So here we are, trying to solve this puzzle and also helping a bear to achieve his dream of becoming a moon bear. Isn’t it nice?

Name:Karakuri Moon and Bear
Brand:Karakuri Creation Group
Level (Complexity):Tricky (4)
Type:Wooden Puzzles / Wooden Puzzle Boxes
Object:Open the hidden compartment
Estimated time:Up to 30 minutes
Size:Bear: 15.5×8.5×5.5 cm
Storage space: 1.95×4.35×2.15 cm.
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Walnut, Lacquer tree
Where to Buy:Puzzlemaster

About Karakuri Moon and Bear

Karakuri Moon and Bear is a Japanese Puzzle Box and looks like a wooden bear with a crescent moon in its hand (yeah, it’s not a banana!). The object is to open a small compartment that is hidden inside the bear’s belly so you can store something small and precious there.

Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box Box


This is not the easiest Karakuri I have encountered so far. It takes quite some time to solve and understand the trick behind the mechanism. At first, it seems obvious, but the exact solution always eluded me and I have spent close to 30 minutes trying to solve it.

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Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box Solution
Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box Level 10
Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box How to open

Safe to say, the woodwork is very good. You cannot see any seams and nothing gives away the solution – the bear looks like one solid block of woof without any hidden compartments — at first glance.

Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box
Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box Close Look

The puzzle is, of course, quite pricey — no surprise, it is handcrafted in Japan and is sent directly to you, most of the time.

Lastly, for people who just want to have a neat looking box with a secret — there is a small sheet with a solution that comes together with the puzzle. For others — you will have to learn your way around those springs and magnets to open the belly of the beast. 


  • It’s one of the cutest karakuri boxes I’ve seen so far. The quality is very good. The only drawback is that the hidden compartment is quite small. You can store a ring or two there, but don’t count anything bigger than that.
  • A great gift for people who love gimmicky trinkets.

Where to Buy Karakuri Moon and Bear

Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Solution

  • Placing the moon on the bears’ chest will allow you to pull up the small tile on the bear’s back. That will release a spring and the hidden compartment will pop out.
Solution from Chris Ramsay
Solution from Crux Puzzles

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