Voidlock Metal Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude ConstantinLocks
300 Steps to Solve Voidlock Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude Constantin
Visual Description Jean Claude Constantin keeps fascinating us with his inventions. This time it’s the rough Voidlock Puzzle which you’ll love for its
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Lock'd In Puzzle Lock by GraveRaven brass solutionLocks
Special Edition Lock’d In Puzzle Lock by Grave Raven
Visual Description “Lock’d In” Puzzle Lock is one of the few products (you might know their spinners) by Grave Raven. I’ve tried to find some more
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Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock Metal PuzzleLocks
Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock by Puzzle Master
Visual Description Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock is yet another superb reproduction of famous Indian lock puzzles. Manufactured by Puzzle Master, scorpion
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TOP 5 Ingenious Puzzles to solve on Labor Day!
Labor Day is near, my friends! This means that we will get another long weekend that we can spend with our families and friends, exchange some amazing
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Puzzle Lock HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass MonkeysLocks
Two Brass Monkeys – «HoKey CoKey Trick Lock»
Visual Description Lock Puzzles come in a great variety and the amount of tricks that puzzle engineers implement in them is amazing. Sometimes I think
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Big 3 Key Lock Puzzle Lock Metal Puzzle by Puzzle MasterLocks
Big 3 Key Puzzle Lock – Ancient Indian Lock by Puzzle Master
Visual Description The Big 3 Puzzle lock is a replica of an Ancient Indian lock. These are made specifically to look old and worn, but in fact all details
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Boaz Feldman B-Lock II Puzzle Metal LockLocks
B-Lock II Puzzle – Metal Lock by Boaz Feldman
Visual Description B-Lock II is a spiritual successor of B-Lock and Danlock puzzles. Created by Boaz Feldman, B-Lock 2 is a bit harder than it’s predecessor
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Boaz Feldman B-Lock Metal Puzzle LockLocks
B-Lock Puzzle – Metal Lock by Boaz Feldman
Visual Description B-Lock is made by Boaz Feldman, son of Dan Feldman who has created the famous Danlock. This is one more classic lock puzzle, although
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Puzzle Master Dan Feldman Danlock PuzzleLocks
Danlock Puzzle – Metal Lock by Dan Feldman
Visual Description Danlock puzzle was originally made by Dan Feldman, an Israeli puzzle constructor and engineer. Renowned as one of the hardest, nearly
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Revenge Lock aka “The Wanderer” by Wil StrijbosLocks
Wil Strijbos – «Revenge Lock aka “The Wanderer”»
Visual Description Revenge Lock or “The Wanderer” is possible the most mysterious and excruciatingly complex puzzle in the whole line up made by Wil Stribos.
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