Boaz Feldman – «B-Lock II Puzzle»

B-Lock II is another amazing classic of a lock puzzle. Just 2 parts and no external tools. Will be able to open it? Read the full review now!

Boaz Feldman – «B-Lock II Puzzle»
Name:B-Lock II Puzzle
Brand:Boaz Feldman
Level (Complexity):Hard (9)
Type:Metal Puzzle / Metal Puzzle Locks
Object:Open the lock and then lock it back
Estimated time:1-2 Hours
Number of parts:2
Size:6.3×4×1.4 cm / 2.5×1.6×0.6 in
Packaging:Felt Bag
Materials used:Metal
Safety:Small parts, choking hazard

Visual Description

B-Lock II is a spiritual successor of B-Lock and Danlock puzzles. Created by Boaz Feldman, B-Lock 2 is a bit harder than it’s predecessor and will keep you wondering and scratching your head for a while.

Looks like a simple lock with a key, but it cannot be opened without a few neat little tricks.

Of course, if you have previously tried your luck with either Danlock or B-lock I — you will probably be able to guess what should be done quicker, but then again — all the tricks might resemble the previous lock puzzle, but still have some unique fleur and style to them.

The craftsmanship is great, the quality of the lock and the key is superb.

Boaz Feldman B-Lock II Puzzle Metal Lock

Main Features

The best thing about this lock puzzle is that you only have a key to operate with. Quick spoiler: there are not secret compartments, tricky pins hidden somewhere or anything like that: all you need is the key to open the lock. Sounds quite obvious and simple, right?

The mechanism inside the lock, on the other side, is amazingly crafted. There is absolutely not force needed to open this lock as well, so make sure not force any of the movements through to avoid braking the key.

Lastly, this can be used as a real lock! I mean, you can definitely hang it on some kind of locker or a chest. Even if someone obtains the key from it — they will never be able to open the lock without knowing the trick. Isn’t that amazing?


Great successor of the original line up and definitely a worthy puzzle to complete the perfect trio of classic lock puzzles.

Having those three on your shelf will certainly stand for a big statement.

Definite recommendation as this lock puzzle is both challenging and masterfully made.

Where to Buy

Tips and Tricks

You can follow the steps below open the lock with ease:

    1. Insert the key fully into the lock;
    2. Pull out the key one click back (so it reveals one ridge/tooth)
    3. Pull out the latch 
      • It won’t pull out completely, but you will be able to move it upward approximately 1 cm.)
    4. Return the latch half-way back inside the lock.
    5. Pull out the key half-click more.
    6. Turn the key clockwise to open the lock.

Boaz Feldman B-Lock II Puzzle Solution video below:

Important Notes


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Boaz Feldman puzzles you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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