300 Steps to Solve Voidlock Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude Constantin

Voidlock Metal Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude Constantin Locks
Brand:Jean Claude Constantin
Level (Complexity):Complex (9)
Type:Puzzle Lock / Metal Puzzle Lock
Object:Open the lock
Number of components:1
Estimated time:10 Hours
Size:10.1x6.9x2.7 cm / 4x2.7 x1.1 in
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Metal, wood also available
Safety:Small parts, choke hazard
Where to buy:Check Prices for Jean Claude Constantin Voidlock

Visual Description

Jean Claude Constantin keeps fascinating us with his inventions. This time it’s the rough Voidlock Puzzle which you’ll love for its look and complexity, especially if you like lock puzzles.

Jean Claude Constantin is a puzzle inventor from Germany. He is famous for creating dozens of brain wrecking mazes, labyrinth and lock puzzles.

Voidlock Metal Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude Constantin

Main Features

The first thing that catches my eye is the appearance. This puzzle will definitely test your skills, spirit and patience.

Right after you look at it will remind you of the metal stuff that you used to find in your dad’s garage. It’s a dark chunky metal lock (with small flowers on it though). Seems like you can smell petrol and machine oil. Of course the puzzle itself doesn’t smell like that, but let me be a little nostalgic here 🙂

The lock is available in two kinds of materials – metal and wood. The wooden lock is more affordable, and it looks more neat and polished, while the metal looks and feels like Chuck Norris’s toy.

The Wooden version is made of a high quality wood, usually of a dark red tint, though every lock is custom-made, so the colors may vary from model to model.

Metal version is indeed sturdy with a light gray base and golden colored pins and screws. The flower ornaments are made to look old and worn out, but that is just for show. Every lock is, in fact, brand new and made with great precision that is native Jean-Claude Constantine’s puzzle.

The lock itself has a latch and on the top and a see-through mechanism in the middle of the base with two sets of “teeth” on each side.

The mechanism itself has 3 layers which you will need to solve independently to move the pin through an internal labyrinth. The catch is that you need to solve layers multiple times to progress: you solve layer 1, then move on to layer 2, after that you need to solve Layer 1 again to progress with layer 2 a bit more and open up layer 3.

Basically it’s like solving 3 puzzles at the same time but at a different pace. Imagine 3 cogs of a different size that are interconnected with each other. The smallest cog will rotate the fastest, while a big cog will only rotate a bit in the grand scheme of things.

There is no key and no solution. You have to move the slider and learn the sequences to unlock the puzzle, so you could move the platforms.

The manufacturer claims it might take you up to 10 hours to solve but if you’re puzzle-savvy, or you’re a fan of sequential puzzles, it will take you less time. Once you understand the mechanism, you’ll do it fast, but you also need to make 300(!) steps to move the platforms!

Voidlock Metal Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude Constantin Solution

Voidlock Wood Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude Constantin


This puzzle is well-thought-out. You need to make an effort to unlock it, and it works with all the Jean-Claude Constantin’s puzzles.

The Voidlock puzzle is a sequence puzzle, so it teases your brain indeed as it requires the specific course of action.

After solving this chunky, menacing metal lock puzzle you will feel like an action movie star and can walk away in slow motion without looking back.

Where to buy

Check Prices for Voidlock (Metal version)

Check Prices for Voidlock (Wood version)

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