Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock by Puzzle Master

Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock Metal Puzzle Locks
Name:Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock
Brand:Puzzle Master
Level (Complexity):Easy (3)
Type:Metal Puzzle / Metal Puzzle Locks
Object:Open the Lock
Estimated time:1 Hour
Number of parts:3
Size:5.5x3.7x2.8 in / 13.9x9.5x7 cm
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Metal
Safety:Choking hazard, small details, heavy
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock

Visual Description

Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock is yet another superb reproduction of famous Indian lock puzzles.

Manufactured by Puzzle Master, scorpion locks look quite worn out, but that is just a gimmick. In fact all locks are brand new and freshly made. The rugged look is just for immersion into a mysterious ancient atmosphere.

The lock itself looks unique. The latch is attached to the scorpion’s head and is actually opened from the middle.

The body of the scorpion is heavy, despite it’s looks and ridges of the tail are expertly made to look just the real ones.

Pincers are a bit of a let down in terms of realism, but actually look quite cool and somewhat cute.

A great touch would also be the key with unique key head and handmade multicolored braid that attaches the key to latch. It is easy to release the key as you will need it for the solution.

Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock Metal Puzzle

Main Features

The mechanism of this puzzle lock can be very easily discovered, but it is not the easiest lock in the book.

To get to the solution you will need to solve two steps and the second step is a bit tricky so don’t let your guard down.

The puzzle lock definitely can be used as a real lock for something as the latches are quite strong in the overall appearance of the lock is menacing.

Even if you leave the key right beside the lock — it won’t be super easy to open it.

Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock Solution


A great lock and an amazing addition to any collection of puzzle locks. It has everything: interesting solution, unique form factor and mysterious design.

Totally recommend this for all fans of Puzzle Locks.

Where to buy

Check Prices for Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock

Tips and Tricks

  • To open the lock, please follow the next few steps.
    • Unscrew the scorpion’s tail to reveal the keyhole.
    • Insert the key into the keyhole and screw it in.
    • Pull the key, release the mechanism and open the latches.
  • Scorpion Shaped Puzzle Lock Video Solution can be found below

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