Gearly 3D Gear Labyrinth Puzzle by No Way PuzzlePuzzles
Gearly – NO EXIT Labyrinth 3D Gear Wooden Puzzle by No Way Puzzle
Today, we are happy to review Gearly by No Way Puzzle — it’s an innovative gear-like puzzle labyrinth made in the form of a 3D wooden puzzle.
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ROKR Gramophone Wooden 3D PuzzlePuzzles
Classic Gramophone (Hand Rotating and Electric) DIY Wooden 3D Puzzles by ROKR
You know, vinyl was my hobby for a long time. Well, at least I can say that being interested in “having vinyl as a hobby” is my hobby. It always sounded
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Zodiac Wall Clock by ROKR DIY Wooden ModelPuzzles
Zodiac Wall Clock Wooden 3D Puzzle DIY Model by ROKR
Zodiac Wall Clock that we are reviewing today is a great example of amazing decorations that will fit any style and type of room, be it a minimalistic
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Wil Strijbos Aluminum apple puzzlesPuzzles
NEW Aluminum Apple Puzzle by Wil Strijbos (2021)
Wil Strijbos haven’t spoiled us with a lot of new puzzles lately, so it is cool to be back on reviewing some of his amazing puzzles again.
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Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama How to assemblePuzzles
Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama
Visual Description Cast Coil is another product of the renowned puzzle manufacturer Hanayama that was established in the mid-1930s in Japan.
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Cast Box Puzzle by HanayamaPuzzles
Cast Box Metal Puzzle by Hanayama
Visual Description Cast Box is one of the easier puzzles from Hanayama line up that is actually gaining popularity right now due to its ingenious tricks
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Kepler Puzzle by Felix UrePuzzle Boxes
Kepler Metal Puzzle by Felix Ure
Visual Description Kepler is the newest puzzle designed by Felix Ure. I guess that the only person who hasn’t heard of his impossible Titan Puzzle must
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HANAYAMA Cast Love PuzzlePuzzles
Cast Love Metal Heart Puzzle by HANAYAMA
Visual Description Cast Love, apart from being a perfect present for Valentine’s Day (or for just someone you like), is one of the newest additions to
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ROKR Wooden 3d Puzzle DIY clock3D
Time Engine Calendar Clock DIY Wooden 3D Puzzle by ROKR
Time Engine or Wooden Calendar Clock is a brand new wooden model made by ROKR / Robotime (they do love to have double and triple names for anything, haha).
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Talisman Wooden Puzzle Solution by Pelican PuzzlesPuzzles
Talisman Burr Wooden Puzzle by Pelikan Puzzles
Visual Description The Talisman is another new masterpiece created by incredibly talented puzzle designer from Austria Stephan Baumegger for Pelikan. 
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