Cast Love Metal Heart Puzzle by HANAYAMA

HANAYAMA Cast Love Puzzle Puzzles
Name:Cast Love
Level (Complexity):Easy (2)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Take apart and then reassemble
Number of components:2
Estimated time:10-60 Min
Size:4.5 x 4 x 1.7 cm / 1.75 x 1.5 x 0.65 in
Packaging:cardboard + plastic box: 75×119×45 mm
Materials used:Cast Zinc
Safety:no small parts, but keeping away from small children is advised
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Hanayama Cast Love

Visual Description

Cast Love, apart from being a perfect present for Valentine’s Day (or for just someone you like), is one of the newest additions to Hanayama line up.

Usually we review some of the more complex Hanayama’s, like Cast Vortex, but today let’s go down the easier road and look at something less complex and frustrating.

Cast Love consists of only 2 parts: golden and silver heart-shaped pieces that have intricate carvings. The goal of the puzzle is pretty straightforward — just assemble the 2 pieces to make a whole heart, but doing that is not as easy as you may think.

Surely, if you are an experienced puzzle lover you will be able to assemble and disassemble the puzzle in a matter of minutes. Safe to say, if you have solved such Hanayama’s as Cast Marble — then you will find the trick behind Cast Love quite familiar.

Why would I need to buy such an easy puzzle, you ask. Well, probably because of the pure satisfaction of how it works. The parts connect and disconnect with such precision and fluidity that you will find yourself doing it over and over again.

Main Features

The mechanism behind the puzzle is quite simple, though one would not be able to understand what to do immediately. There’s always a trick with Hanayama and even if it’s a Level 1 puzzle (by Hanayama standards) — it does not mean it is as easy as that.

Basically, you will need to slide the two parts inside each other, but at the same time you will need to find the perfect touch point and then, only then, you will need to get to understand the right move.

After you understand the trick, try doing it a few times, maybe with one hand, or with your eyes closed — I guarantee that it bring so much more fun than it sounds.

In the end, you can always try doing it as fast as you can — that is also a separate challenge that can be quite interesting for you.

HANAYAMA Cast Love Puzzle
HANAYAMA Cast Love Puzzle Solution
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HANAYAMA Cast Love Puzzle Review


Amazing puzzle that fits perfectly into “great gift with a meaning” category. In the end, you will be able to shoot 2 birds with one stone — provide someone a great way to train their brain and show your utmost attention.

Where to Buy Hanayama Cast Love Puzzle

Assembly Tips

  • In order to have the puzzle connect, make sure to have one piece of the puzzle (in my case it was the silver one) firmly in one hand pointing downwards.
  • Then take a silver piece in the same way and connect the corners with the carvings together.
  • The last move would be to rotate the golden piece “around” the silver piece. That way it will do the full rotation and two parts will connect.
  • Hanayama Huzzle Cast Love puzzle solution video can be found below

Important Notes

  • Made of high quality cast iron
  • Considered to be the highest “Fun” (Level 1) puzzle according to Hanayama scoring. Other Level 1 puzzles can be found at their respective pages on PuzzleScore Hanayama brand page.
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