Zodiac Wall Clock Wooden 3D Puzzle DIY Model by ROKR

Zodiac Wall Clock by ROKR DIY Wooden Model Puzzles

Zodiac Wall Clock that we are reviewing today is a great example of amazing decorations that will fit any style and type of room, be it a minimalistic light-filled living room of the 2020s or a cozy and spacious heavily decorated bedroom of the 1980s.

Decorating your family nest is something that we rarely think of, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

On many occasions we don’t bother ourselves with decorating our homes or apartments while preferring a more conservative and clean look. Minimalism is a trend of the 2020s after all. 

In any case, sometimes I feel an urge to add something personal to the blank walls, be it a painting or large 3D Wooden World Map. It is always great to see how the scenery of the room changes whenever you add something new and awesome to it.

That’s why I love the wooden decorations made by ROKR and other brands. Not only I truly dig the aesthetics of their designs, but it is also cool to assemble it yourself.

Name:Zodiac Wall Clock
Brand:ROKR (Robotime)
Level (Complexity):Tricky (6)
Type:Wooden 3D Puzzle
Object:Assemble the puzzle
Number of components:168
Estimated time:2-4 hours (1-2 sessions)
Size:470*309*55 mm
Packaging:Cardboard Box (317*235*83 mm)
Materials used:High Quality Plywood
Where to Buy:ROKR Website / Amazon

About Zodiac Wall Clock

Zodiac Wall Clock is a part of the Time Art Series that is made by RORK in collaboration with Miko.

ROKR Time Art Series Wooden Puzzles

The design of the clock may seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning — there are a lot of details and you may get lost inside this compacted machinery. Nevertheless, basically every detail has its purpose — the clock is surprisingly useful not only in telling time, but it can also show the months and the day if set up correctly.

Zodiac Wall Clock by ROKR on the wall

So, apart from the dial that tells time, we also have:

  • 12 constellations around the dial plate
  • Month and day of the week dial in the upper-right part of the clock
  • Date dial in the lower-left part of the clock.
ROKR Zodiac Wall Clock Features
ROKR Zodiac Wall Clock What in the box

So, as you can see, there is a lot to it than just a simple clock.

ROKR Zodiac Wall Clock Close Look


Apart from that — the assembly itself is not that hard. It will probably take you 1-2 sessions a couple of hours each, or just one session of around 4 hours to get it done.

ROKR Zodiac Wall Clock Assembly
ROKR Zodiac Wall Clock Instructions
Zodiac Wall Clock by ROKR box
Zodiac Wall Clock by ROKR all parts included

The manual is pretty clear and the instructions are depicted in a very understandable way, so even if you are a complete newbie to this kind of puzzles — it won’t be completely overwhelming for you.

The quality of the puzzle is superb as always. There are a few small parts that can be broken accidentally if you are not careful enough, so keep in mind that you need to push out the parts from the plywood desks with great care.

It is also a good idea to get a good glue at your local store as the glue that comes with the set seems to be too weak. Make sure to specify which glue is the best for wooden parts, and you’ll be good to go.


  • Without a doubt — it is an amazing piece of art that you can assemble all by yourself  and decorate your home with a nice wooden aesthetic.
  • I personally liked the usability of the clock and that not only tells time, but basically shows the full date!
  • Definitely something that you need to get if you already have something like this from ROKR or UGEARS.

Where to Buy Zodiac Wall Clock


  • It’s a part of the “Time Art” collection together with Time Engine.
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  1. Chris

    I’m pretty sure that whoever wrote this piece has never actually attempted to assemble this clock. The instructions are in very badly translated English -eg “Take off the pieces from the board according to each step before assembling and place them properly in case of missing”. Er, sorry? “According to the instructions when you assemble all the pieces. Keep properly the instructions and validated after assembly.” So the manual is pretty clear, is it? Also the holes that have been drilled to fit the screws are often off-centre, making it actually impossible to put some parts together, unless you re-drill the holes yourself. Quite frankly I gave up!