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Wood World Map Puzzle 3D 3D
Name:3D/2D/LED Maps
Brand:Enjoy the Wood
Level (Complexity):Easy (1)
Type:Wooden 3D Puzzle
Object:assemble the map
Estimated time:3D/2D: 40-60 min.
LED: 2-3 Hours
Size:M: 100×60 cm (39×24")
L: 150×90 cm (59×35”)
XL: 200×120 cm (79×47”)
XXL: 300×175 cm (118×69'')
Packaging:cardboard box
M – 31x51x8 cm (12.2x20x3.1 in), 1-1.2 kg (2.2-2.6 lb)
L – 41x71x9 cm (16.1x28x3.5 in), 2.3-3 kg (4.6-5 lb)
XL – 51x91x9 cm (20x36x3.5 in), 3.6-4 kg (8-8.8 lb)
Materials used:Handmade of birch plywood
Safety:Small parts, choking hazard
Where to Buy:Check prices for 2D 3D LED Maps by Enjoy the Wood


A lot of people would say that travelling is their hobby. Well, we all love traveling and visiting new places, but most importantly — we do like to tell stories about our travels. And, of course, I think there is nothing better than a giant Wooden 3D Map on your wall to tell a fascinating story about your travels and adventures.

Scratch maps, posters with pins — it is just a pale looking visage of Wooden World Maps by Enjoy The Wood.

You know we have a soft spot for wooden puzzles here in PuzzleScore so that is why we have decided to highlight that amazing brand.

Check Prices for Wooden World Maps by Enjoy the Wood:

Types, Sets and Editions

There are several types of the maps in general:

3d wooden map puzzle
2d wooden map puzzle
3d wooden map LED puzzle

The functionality of these types is not particularly different. The size and all additional features stay the same. The main difference is the look:

  • 3D Maps consist of beautiful multilayered pieces of wood. The thickness of different parts can be from 6 to 18 mm — that will create an amazing feel of volume.
  • 2D Maps are basically the same as 3D. The only difference is that the map will be flat with all parts being around 6 mm thick.
  • LED Maps are the same as 3D maps, but they also come with an amazing RGB LED Neon lights attached to the back of the map. It is a bit harder to assemble as you will need a drill, but all other tools like framing nails are coming with the set.

All maps come in a variety of stylish and cool looking colors, specifically:

  • Multicolored wood
  • White-Gray-Black
  • Blue
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
Wood World Map Puzzle black
Wood World Map Puzzle grey
Wood World Map Puzzle brown
Wood World Map Puzzle 3D

I think my favorite would be a multicolored style, but in fact all colors are amazingly matched and look classy.

The quality is good — laser cut wood with great fragrant smell. The thickness of the pieces is just about right to stand out off the wall and feel volumetric.

There are several size types ranging from M to XXL. LED Maps can only be M or XL. You can find the exact specifications at the beginning of this article.

Safe to say, bigger maps look absolutely amazing, but, in the end, you will need to choose what fits best for your particular apartment. Sometimes it is better to purchase a smaller map, but it will fit perfectly, rather than having an enormous map in a small room.

Maps also come in different sets:

  • Blank map – no country names and borderlines on this, it will be just a blank outline of the world map. You may think that it’s quite unamusing, but it actually opens a lot of room for some artistic opportunities for you.
  • Standard – country names and borderlines + state names for USA, Canada and Australia;
  • Full Pack – a map with country names and borderlines + states names of USA, Canada and Australia + Countries Capitals.

Lastly, there 2 variations of 3D Maps and 2D maps:

LED Maps do not have the USA variation, but since LED maps are always FULL PACKED — it is not a major problem.

Main Features

Every piece of the map has stickers on the opposite side — that way it is possible to hang it on the wall without glue or nails. The stickers are of a good quality — on one hand, it hangs very well and on the other hand, it can be re-adjusted in case you decide to relocate your map to a different wall. We suspect it might be harder to stick it to the wall after a few relocations, but if you “stick” to one place — there will be no problem.

All pieces will come separately and you will be able to assemble everything by yourself right away on the wall.

For 3D/2D maps the full assembly will take up-to 1 hour. LED Maps are a bit harder to assemble due to all the drilling you will need to make, so it usually takes around 2-3 hours. It depends on your proficiency with the drill, of course. So make sure to get help, if needed.

Lastly, all maps come with the compass piece and airplane wooden pieces that you can place wherever you want with the assembled map. A very nice touch that really fills the space between continents and creates an amazing feel of dynamic and motion.

Wood World Map Puzzle blue
Wood World Map Puzzle Wall Decor
Wood World Map Puzzle Wall Decor Custom
Wood World Map Puzzle Wall Decor 1 layer
Wood World Map Puzzle Wall Decor Yellow
Wood World Map Puzzle Wall Decor Green

Check Prices for Wooden World Maps by Enjoy the Wood:

Map Add-ons

There are quite a few add-ons that are sold separately, but we think they are worth mentioning as it will enhance your experience with the maps even further.

Every country piece has a small, barely visible pinhole where you can insert flag or airplane push pins. There are 194 flag push pins and around 60 airplane pins in every set.

World MAp wooden decor flags
World MAp wooden decor flags addon
World MAp wooden decor planes
World MAp wooden decor planes addon

You can also purchase the sightseeing pins with some of the most famous places in the world:

  • Coliseum (Rome, Italy)
  • Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
  • Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Burg Khalifa (Dubai, OAE)
  • Pagoda (Japan)
  • Pisa Tower (Pisa, Italy)
  • Big Ben (London, GB)
  • Pyramids (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Parliament of Budapest (Hungary)
  • The Great Wall (China)
  • Taj Mahal (Agra, India)
  • Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Statue of Liberty (New York, USA)
  • Sidney Opera House (Canada)
  • Statue Jesus (Rio De Janeiro, Brasil)
3D Wooden World Map Wall Art Puzzle
3D Wooden World Map Wall Art Assembly
3D Wooden World Map Wall Art

Last but not least, you can also get ocean names to fill in the spaces between the continents.

Wood World Map Puzzle black


Not much of a puzzle, but certainly an eye candy. The quality is great and it gives off that warm wooden aesthetic. A great gift for avid travelers or just a good piece of interior for someone who wants to track their progress on visiting as many countries and cities as possible.

Where to buy

Check Prices for Wooden World Maps by Enjoy the Wood:

Important Notes

  • Made of high-quality birch wood
  • Perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning
  • Great addition to a wooden interior.

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