Time Engine Calendar Clock DIY Wooden 3D Puzzle by ROKR

ROKR Wooden 3d Puzzle DIY clock 3D

Time Engine or Wooden Calendar Clock is a brand new wooden model made by ROKR / Robotime (they do love to have double and triple names for anything, haha). It is a part of the Time Art collection that also includes Zodiac Wall Clock.

The collection itself is made by Miko, a European designer who is famous for bringing mechanisms, art, time and antique aesthetic together.

Name:Time Engine DIY Desk Calendar LC801
Level (Complexity):Medium (5)
Type:Wooden 3D Puzzle
Object:Assemble the clock
Number of components:250
Estimated time:4-6 Hours
Size:8.46 x 5.7 x 5.74 inches
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Organic wood
Safety:Small parts, choking hazard
Where to Buy:RORK Website / Amazon

About Time Engine Calendar Clock

The table clock itself looks absolutely fantastic when assembled — it is a cylindrical shape mechanism standing on 4 curved legs. Different layers can be rotated to adjust the date:

  • Central 2 layers can be adjusted to show the date itself via 2 figures
  • Left one is rotated to show the day
  • Right one is rotated to show the month

The whole construction is quite sturdy, but the “accordion” pieces can be quite fragile during and after the assembly.

There is also a pocket watch embedded on one side of the construction. It is actually a real clock and can be taken out to change batteries with easy after you have finished the assembly.

It takes a usual small clock battery, so one battery will be enough for around 1 year of service.

I have to say that the antique feel is conveyed perfectly in the design and the plexiglass intersections are very well implemented to offer a bit of transparency and lightness.


There are not many features to describe in this model despite the fact that it is a real working clock and a calendar.

There are no movable parts or any other additional functionality.

The assembly, on the other hand, can be quite challenging, especially with the “accordion” parts that I have mentioned before. Those are extremely fragile and can be broken if not handled with care.

Depending on your experience, you can assemble the model in one sitting. Though I would advise to separate the assembly into 2-3 sessions and make sure to rest for 15 minutes at least once an hour.

An important note is that you don’t have to use any glue or anything like that. That’s incredible considering you are getting a full-fledged calendar and clock in the end.

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ROKR Wooden 3d Model
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ROKR Wooden 3d Puzzle
ROKR Wooden 3d Puzzle calendar


  • Amazing model and a great new addition to ROKR / Robotime. Looks amazing on a desk in the office or on a shelf of a cozy living room.
  • Great present for someone who whole loves these kinds of trinkets and also is suited for both beginners and hard-boiled veterans.

Where to Buy Time Engine Calendar

Tips and Tricks

  • Check out other awesome ROKR models such as Orpheus and Vitascope
  • The instructions are very well-made and are available in multiple languages.
  • It is always good to have some tweezers by your side when doing Wooden 3D Puzzles
  • It’s a part of the “Time Art” collection together with Zodiac Wall Clock.
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