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About Karakuri Creation Group

Established in May 1999 (more than 20 years ago!) in Hakone area — Karakuri Creation group was a gathering of local artisans and craftsmen.

As Hakone and Odawara were starting to gain popularity with tourists: a lot of new souvenirs, trinkets and art objects were created by local vendors.

More to that, several types of authentic Japanese puzzles were created during that period and started to gain popularity as well.

These are Kumiki — interlocking wooden puzzles and Karakuri — boxes with a secret trick.

To this day, Karakuri Creation Group accumulates local talents that create new amazing puzzle boxes, holds exhibition and different events in their home area and across japan.

We have highlighted quite a few amazing Karakuri boxes below. Stay tuned for more!

Karakuri Creation Group Puzzles

Karakuri Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone/Gora)

Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone/Gora) Puzzle Box

Karakuri Egg Puzzle

Karakuri Egg Puzzle

how to solve Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box

Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box

Karakuri Ripple Out Puzzle Box Solution

Ripple Out Puzzle Box

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