Karakuri – «Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone/Gora)»

If you wish to have a box that can keep all your secrets — Japan have you covered. Art and a puzzle in one! Meet Osaru no Kagoya and read the full review.

Karakuri – «Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone/Gora)»
Name:Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone/Gora)
Brand:Karakuri Creation Group
Level (Complexity):Easy (2)
Type:Wooden Puzzles / Wooden Puzzle Boxes
Object:Open the Box
Estimated time:Up to 30 minutes
Number of parts:3
Size:12×8.5×4.7 cm
Packaging:Cardboard Box
Materials used:Cherry and Zelkova wood
Safety:Small parts

Visual Description

Osaru no Kagoya is a karakuri box by Karakuri Creation Group— a box with a secret — with a smart, but simple mechanism that will prevent anyone, except you, to open it.

There are 2 verified variants of Osaru no Kagoya Karakuri Box — “Gora Well” and “Hakone Checkpoint”. The difference is in the picture you will have on the lid. 

For both variants — you will have a depiction of Odawara Castle (famous landmark in the city of Odawara in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) on the right and either Gora Well or Hakone checkpoint on the left.

The Box is made out of Cherry and Zelkova wood which brings an amazing fragrant smell and light orange tint.

Overall the quality is amazing and that is definitely a cool thing to have on your shelf as it is both fancy and practical.

Karakuri Osaru no Kagoya (Hakone/Gora)

Main Features

The Osaru no Kagoya box tells a story about two monkeys that need to bring the palanquin from Odawara Castle to one of the 2 points (Hakone or Gora).

It based on the nursery rhyme written around 1938 by Takeo Yamagami, a young poet who specialized in writing songs for children.

The story is about a struggle of a long journey and about overcoming problems on your way to the ultimate goal.

Box’s mechanism is quite simple, there is a magnet on the other side of the lid and all you need to do is to take the small plaque with 2 monkeys and bring them from the right side to the left.

That will also move the mechanism and will get the box open.

This karakuri box is much bigger than the usual ones, so it is very popular among people who’d like more practical use to their puzzles. Safe to say, is you store something precious in that box — no one can open it, unless you will share the secret behind the mechanism with them. 


Nice and qualitative karakuri box that sports great practical use and a beauty of the Japanese Culture.

Definitely a great gift, especially if you put something cool inside.

Where to buy

Tips and Tricks

  • The mechanism is quite simple. Also, there is a paper with the solution that comes with every box. Make sure to burn after reading 🙂

Important Notes

  • There are 2 variants of the Box — Hakone Checkpoint (Sekisyo) and Gora Well (Gora)


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Karakuri Creation Group puzzles you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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