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About EnjoyTheWood

EnjoyTheWood is a custom wood products company based in Ukraine.

Initially, a family business that was started solely by Igor and Maryna Fostenko. They were creating wooden products in their workshop and since 2015, they grew into a big and prominent team of amazing specialists with the team counting around 20 people now.

With hundreds items on Etsy and tens of thousands sold items — EnjoyTheWood is promoting quality and good service across 70 countries.

The most prominent creation of the team is, of course, amazing 3D World Maps of various sizes and types.

Recently, EnjoyTheWood also added a cool looking icosahendron globe to the roster that immediately became bestseller.

Find out more about all the company’s creation below.

EnjoyTheWood Puzzles and Models

3d wooden map puzzle

3D Wooden World Map

2d wooden map puzzle

2D Wooden World Map

3d wooden map LED puzzle

LED Wooden World Map

USA Wooden Map

World Wooden Globe

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