Talisman Wooden Puzzle Solution by Pelican PuzzlesPuzzles
Talisman Burr Wooden Puzzle by Pelikan Puzzles
Visual Description The Talisman is another new masterpiece created by incredibly talented puzzle designer from Austria Stephan Baumegger for Pelikan. 
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Voidlock Metal Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude ConstantinLocks
300 Steps to Solve Voidlock Puzzle Lock by Jean Claude Constantin
Visual Description Jean Claude Constantin keeps fascinating us with his inventions. This time it’s the rough Voidlock Puzzle which you’ll love for its
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Double Tumbler Puzzle by Jon Keegan Metal PuzzlePuzzles
DOUBLE Tumbler Puzzle by Jon Keegan
Description Double Tumbler further elaborates the ideas and the mechanics of its predecessors: First Cylinder by Wil Strijbos and Tumbler by Jon Keegan.
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Hanayama Huzzle Cast Equa Puzzle How to solvePuzzles
«Cast Equa» THE HARDEST Level 5 Puzzle by Hanayama
Description Cast Equa has an interesting story behind it as if you’d look at some of the video materials on the internet, most of them will show you that
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Hanayama Huzzle Cast Devil Metal Puzzle SolutionPuzzles
Huzzle Cast Devil Metal Puzzle by HANAYAMA
Visual Description Cast Devil was launched in 1994, but the origin of this puzzle dates back to the beginning of 20th Century when the so-called “Puzzle
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Boaz Feldman B-Lock II Puzzle Metal LockLocks
B-Lock II Puzzle – Metal Lock by Boaz Feldman
Visual Description B-Lock II is a spiritual successor of B-Lock and Danlock puzzles. Created by Boaz Feldman, B-Lock 2 is a bit harder than it’s predecessor
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Puzzle Master Dan Feldman Danlock PuzzleLocks
Danlock Puzzle – Metal Lock by Dan Feldman
Visual Description Danlock puzzle was originally made by Dan Feldman, an Israeli puzzle constructor and engineer. Renowned as one of the hardest, nearly
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Hip Flask Puzzle by Felix UrePuzzles
Hip Flask Puzzle – Amazing Metal Puzzle by Felix Ure
Visual Description The Hip Flask is an amazing and hard puzzle made by Felix Ure famous with his Titan Puzzle. He describes it as “A fiendishly challenging
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TOP 5 Jigsaw Puzzles Level 8-10Highlights
TOP 5 Jigsaw Puzzles, Level 8-10 + BONUS
Not all jigsaw puzzles are big 1.000-piece pictures of nature that you will need to spend months to put together. As we all are bored and constantly looking
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Wil Strijbos First Box Level 9 Metal PuzzlePuzzles
Wil Strijbos – «First Box»
Visual Description You know how everyone is always keen on “thinking out of the box”? Well, with the First Box puzzle by Wil Strijbos you will have to
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