Hip Flask Puzzle – Amazing Metal Puzzle by Felix Ure

Hip Flask Puzzle by Felix Ure Puzzles
Name:Hip Flask Puzzle
Brand:Felix Ure
Level (Complexity):Complex (9)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Remove the lid
Estimated time:3 hours
Number of parts:5
Size:6.2×3.1×7.5 cm / 2.4×1.2×3 in
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Brass
Safety:Choking hazard

Visual Description

The Hip Flask is an amazing and hard puzzle made by Felix Ure famous with his Titan Puzzle. He describes it as “A fiendishly challenging, multi-stage, sequential discovery puzzle.​” — And I have to agree with each and every word of his.

The flask is quite heavy despite its size and is made of classy brushed brass metal that gives off a feint golden shine.

The lid rotates and basically this will be your “base of operations” for that puzzle. Nothing much is present in the design. There is a small peephole at the bottom side for you to have a quick glimpse of the mechanism. Or maybe it can be used for something else? Who knows.

Main Features

The Hip Flask is essentially a maze that you will need to go through completely blindfolded.

There is a very cool and intuitive sequentiality to this puzzle. The more you uncover — the better you understand what is going on inside and it actually gives you motivations to move forward.

Don’t get to relaxed though, this puzzle sports not 1 or 2, but the whopping 3 stages that you need solve. The best trick is in the end, of course. If you are stuck, you can look for the solution below in “Tips and Tricks”

Felix Ure Hip Flask Metal Puzzle
Hip Flask Metal Puzzle
Hip Flask Metal Puzzle Package
Hip Flask Metal Puzzle Box


Simply beautiful and rewarding puzzle. It is not an easy one, you will spend at least few hours comprehending it.

Definitely worth its while and might be an amazing puzzle for someone who is into classy and “hip” things.

Will look amazing on your shelf. The only downside of this puzzle — there’s no actual whiskey inside.

Where to buy

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Assembly Tips

  • The trick of the puzzle is to get carefully transport the small pin inside the puzzle so that it does not fall in the small gaps of the cylinder attached to the lid. There is a unique pattern for Level 1 and 2, but fortunately you don’t need to start from the beginning if you made a mistake on level 2. You can just revert to the end of the 1st Stage.
  • The first stage will free the lid so you can take out a small pin from the top of the Flask. When you’re done with the second stage — you will be able to free the second pin.
    • Insert the 2 pins into the small hole in the bottom of the flask. That will create a button that will release the lid completely from the flask.
  • Felix Ure Hip Flask Puzzle solution video can be found below

Important Notes


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Felix Ure puzzles you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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