Kepler Metal Puzzle by Felix Ure

Kepler Puzzle by Felix Ure Puzzle Boxes
Name:Kepler Puzzle
Brand:Felix Ure
Level (Complexity):Demanding (8)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Fit all the balls into the container so that the lid closes
Estimated time:1-2 Hours
Number of parts:12
Size:5.5x3x2.7 cm / 2.2x1.2x1.1 in
Packaging:Cardboard box, Felt bag
Materials used:Brass, Aluminium
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Kepler Puzzle by Felix Ure

Visual Description

Kepler is the newest puzzle designed by Felix Ure. I guess that the only person who hasn’t heard of his impossible Titan Puzzle must be living in a cave. Felix himself is a young product designer from England. While working for a door hardware company, his enthusiasm for over-engineered products blossomed into his own studio.

Remember I said we love clever puzzles? You’re right I didn’t, but we do  love clever puzzles! The approach to the puzzle naming is enough to earn the title. Johannes Kepler is a very important figure in the scientific revolution of the 17th century. And there’s another thing – Kepler Conjecture. It’s a mathematical theorem about sphere packing (I’m already giving you a hint).

Kepler Puzzle by Felix Ure Solution

Main Features

The Kepler Puzzle is wonderful and here is why:

  • The look. The Kepler puzzle consists of a container, 11 balls and a lid. It’s made of brass and aluminum: screws and a lid are made of brass and the box is produced in aluminum. They individually hand finish the products and Felix checks the quality himself before dispatching the items. That’s why it’s extremely satisfying to hold this box that is actually smaller than it seems.
  • The objective is to insert all 11 balls into the box so that the lid closes. As usual, it sounds simple, but don’t be flattered till you start solving the puzzle. Also remember that the lid should be flat against the top of the container.
  • The solving process and the solution. There are plenty of small discoveries you’ll make while solving the Kepler. Not a spoiler but hints alert! If you want to figure it out yourself, don’t keep on reading. When you do the puzzle you see that there’s a magnet in the back of the lid. You can take out the balls with it, and it can also move them inside. You will also see that the balls are of different sizes (this is important).
  • If you are stuck on a puzzle, guys from Felix Ure studio offer you to send them an email to And they will give you a clue! Aren’t they cuties!
Kepler Puzzle by Felix Ure Brass Puzzle
Kepler Puzzle by Felix Ure

Felix Ure comments to PuzzleScore

We actually contacted Felix Ure to ask a few questions about Kepler and, being a great guy he is, Felix provided some interesting information about the conception and manufacturing of Kepler, that we think will be interesting to know:

  • The thought process was that I wanted to make a packing puzzle that had a completely different ‘aha’ moment to any others. I can’t say much more without spoiling the solution so I won’t.
  • It took maybe 6-8 months on and off in total from the original idea, through 3 prototypes until I ended up at the final design
  • The manufacturing had to be very accurate. Again, to say more might spoil things, but in terms of accuracy, if a certain dimension is 0.1mm off, the whole puzzle wouldn’t work!


The Kepler Puzzle is an ode to intelligence, science and observation. Its witty solution will make you be happy like a child. But be careful, it has one side effect: its quality causes true tactile euphoria.

Where to Buy

Check prices for Kepler Puzzle by Felix Ure

Taking Care of the Puzzle

In case if you are the person who likes to have his stuff lying around and then wonder why it’s all scratched up, we have highlighted some of the most important aspects that you might want to adhere to in order to make your aluminum puzzles pop.

  • Cleaning. Sweaty fingerprints that can be left on the aluminum surface may lead to potential permanent damage to the puzzle. Seems surprising, but sweat is made of fats, oils, salts and amino acids that can corrode the metal. Make sure to clean the puzzle with lint free cloth after periods of prolonged play.
  • Avoid scratches and dents. Seems obvious, I know, but if you have accidentally scratched the surface of your puzzle — we recommend using 600 grade wet and dry to stand it out. Then use Scotch Brite (green scouring pads) until you have evened out the scratches.
  • Polishing. We recommend using any available Metal Polish and apply thoroughly to the disassembled puzzle once in a while to make sure it shines and pops on your shelf.
  • Waxing. Finally, waxing is a final touch that can be applied with a clean, soft, cloth and subsequently buffed with silk or nylon stockings will help protect your puzzle.

Tips and Tricks

  • Spoiler Alert! You may already know that the balls are a bit different. There is one giant, six medium and four small balls. You need to insert them into the container in the strict order: s-m-g-m-s-m-s-m-m-s-m. Done!
  • Video Solution of Kepler Puzzle by Felix Ure can be found below:


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