Karakuri Moon and Bear Puzzle Box How it LooksPuzzle Boxes
Moon and Bear Puzzle – Unique and Beautiful Karakuri Puzzle Box
Karakuri Moon and Bear puzzle tells a story about a simple brown bear who decided to become a Moon Bear. FYI: Moon Bears are also known as Asian Black
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Cast Box Puzzle by HanayamaPuzzles
Cast Box Metal Puzzle by Hanayama
Visual Description Cast Box is one of the easier puzzles from Hanayama line up that is actually gaining popularity right now due to its ingenious tricks
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Marble runs by ROKR3D
TOP 4 AMAZING Marble Runs by ROKR. Find out Which One is The Best!
Description Marble Runs are always fun to assemble. Whether you build your construction that spans the whole house or just like to assemble a configured
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Karakuri Ripple Out Puzzle Box SolutionJapanese
Ripple Out Puzzle Box – Japanese Wooden Puzzle Box by Karakuri
Visual Description Ripple out is a masterfully crafted puzzle box, or Karakuri, that was devised by Osamu Kasho, a puzzle master hailing from Odawara and
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Hanayama Cast SnowPuzzles
Huzzle Cast Snow Metal Puzzle by HANAYAMA
Visual Description Cast Snow is the latest addition in Hanayama’s Huzzle line-up and I have to say it looks absolutely amazing. Released in January 2020
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diy engineering projects for adults3D
Top Rated DIY Engines for Puzzle Lovers
“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe” Nikola Tesla There are many 3D models and puzzles out there, but it is actually
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Hanayama Puzzle Cast MarblePuzzles
Huzzle Cast Marble Metal Puzzle by HANAYAMA
Visual Description Cast Marble is a level 5 Hanayama puzzle that will definitely impress you with its design and engineering. It consists of four parts
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SiamMandalay Powder KegPuzzles
SiamMandalay – «Powder Keg»
Visual Description Before you ask that question — no, Powder Keg by SiamMandalay is completely safe and cannot explode if you do something wrong.
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ROKR Vitascope3D
ROKR – «Vitascope»
Vitascope is another ROKR line up model by Robotime that takes the scene of 3D Wooden Puzzles to the completely next level. About Vitascope First of all
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Robotime ROKR Orpheus3D
ROKR – «Orpheus Steampunk Music Box»
ROKR Orpheus DIY Steampunk Music Box is one of the pieces we have discovered purely by accident, but inevitably fell in love with from the first glance.
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