TOP 5 Puzzles to do on Halloween night3D
Top 5 Puzzles for a Halloween Night
Halloween is about something spooky, mysterious and, therefore, thrilling. As puzzle lovers, we believe there is nothing more thrilling than a new puzzle
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Craighill – «Jack Puzzle»
Visual Description Jack puzzle is another great dexterity challenge by Craighill. As always, the main idea of this puzzle is to put it back together, not
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Wil Strijbos Egg PuzzlePuzzles
Wil Strijbos – «Egg Puzzle»
Visual Description The story of this famous puzzle takes its roots way back in 1986 where it was originally designed and made. At that time, the Egg by
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Titan Puzzle by Felix UrePuzzles
Felix Ure – «Titan Puzzle»
Visual Description Titan is an original debut puzzle by the incredible Felix Ure. Later, he also created my all-time favorite Hip Flask.
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TOP 5 Jigsaw Puzzles Level 8-10Highlights
TOP 5 Jigsaw Puzzles, Level 8-10 + BONUS
Not all jigsaw puzzles are big 1.000-piece pictures of nature that you will need to spend months to put together. As we all are bored and constantly looking
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Revenge Lock aka “The Wanderer” by Wil StrijbosLocks
Wil Strijbos – «Revenge Lock aka “The Wanderer”»
Visual Description Revenge Lock or “The Wanderer” is possible the most mysterious and excruciatingly complex puzzle in the whole line up made by Wil Stribos.
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Lotus PuzzlePuzzles
Wil Strijbos – «Lotus Puzzle»
Visual Description Originally developed in 1979 by ingeniously creative puzzle maker Wil Strijbos and now refurbished and redesigned to have a great electric
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HANAYAMA Huzzle Cast Hourglass metal puzzlePuzzles
HANAYAMA – Huzzle «Cast Hourglass»
Visual Description Oh, Cast Hourglass! If you thought other Level 6 puzzles such as Vortex or Enigma were difficult — you will definitely find this 4-piece
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