Craighill – «Jack Puzzle»

Amazing dexterity challenge for the most able! Jack puzzle comes in 2 forms: hard and impossible!

Craighill – «Jack Puzzle»
Name:Jack Puzzle
Level (Complexity):Insane (10)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Take apart and put back together
Number of components:6
Estimated time:2-3 Hours
Size:Standard: 3×3×3 in / 7.62×7.62×7.62 cm
Mini: 1.6×1.6×1.6 in / 4.12×4.12×4.12 cm
Materials used:Brass
Safety:Choking hazard

Visual Description

Jack puzzle is another great dexterity challenge by Craighill. As always, the main idea of this puzzle is to put it back together, not to take it apart.

The actual disassembly part is pretty easy — you just need to pull out the shaft with “Craighill” marking and the whole structure will crumble.

There are 6 pieces of the puzzle, each of which has its own markings and are named from A to F:

  • Parts A and B have 2 adjacent notches and are mirrored to each other;
  • Parts C and E have 3 notches and are the same;
  • Part D has two separate notches;
  • Part F has “Craighill” marking and no notches. It acts as solidifying piece.

The quality is very good, all brass parts are precision made with great accuracy.

Size Variation

Jack puzzle comes in 2 variants: Standard and Mini. Apart from the size — the 2 models are completely the same.

Safe to say, “mini” variation is much harder to assemble because the parts are almost twice as small from the standard model. Precision of moves and dexterity you need to posses in order to assemble it back is way higher, so approach at your own risk.

Craighill Mini Jack Puzzle Metal Puzzle

Main Features

There is a solution manual that comes together with the Puzzle, but it will not make it much easier to assemble back.

Of course, it is better to try assembling all 6 pieces back by yourself, but if you are completely lost — you can check with the manual. 

The only thing that matters in the end will be your ability to hold all the pieces together at the same time before inserting the final piece in the middle to solidify the construction.

This so called “dexterity” puzzle are a great way to pass the time and enhance your motor skills. 


A very cool and more practical approach that will definitely be challenging for many, if not for all puzzle lovers.

As it is hard, it is also very rewarding when you actually manage to put it back together and, more to that, it actually becomes easier the more experience you have.

Definitely a great looking piece that will look amazing on your office table or a shelf.

Where to buy

Tips and Tricks

  • The solution is included with the puzzle. The only advice we can give you is to learn how to hold all 5 pieces firmly with all your fingers before you insert the last piece in the middle.
  • Craighill Jack Puzzle solution video can be found below

Important Notes

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