NEW Aluminum Apple Puzzle by Wil Strijbos (2021)

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Wil Strijbos haven’t spoiled us with a lot of new puzzles lately, so it is cool to be back on reviewing some of his amazing puzzles again.

Apple puzzle is not exactly new, but at the same time it wasn’t available for a long time so no one could get a good look at it for quite some time.

Wil Strijbos’ puzzles are a separate genre of their own. He’s specializing in ingenuous and sequential design in his puzzles. There are some more complex examples like Lotus Puzzle, but there is also a wide range of Dovetail puzzles that we have reviewed earlier (Aluminum Concave/Convex/T Dovetail and Dovetail Cubes 1, 2, 3).

The packaging is surprisingly colorful considering that usually, Wil Strijbos puzzles come in plain one-colored boxes. Apple’s boxes, on the other hand, have this trippy design — certainly a nice touch.

It’s more of a trinket but at the same time a full-fledged piece of puzzle art because of the high-quality metalwork and the choice of materials (aluminum).

About Aluminum Apple Puzzle

Name:Aluminum Apple
Brand:Wil Strijbos
Level (Complexity):Surprisingly tough (6)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Disassemble the puzzle
Estimated time:1-2 Hours
Size:3,4 cm in diameter, 3 cm high without the stem
Packaging:Funky Cardboard Box
Materials used:Aluminum
Where to Buy:RED Aluminum Apple / GREEN Aluminum Apple

Apples come in a great variety, but this particular apples come in 2 colors — green and red. There is no difference in internal design apart from the color, so you may pick the one you like the most.

Source: PuzzleMaster YouTube Channel
Wil Strijbos Aluminum apple red puzzle
Wil Strijbos Aluminum apple Green puzzle
Wil Strijbos Aluminum apple puzzle box

It certainly can be a cool thing to have both apples for the sake of collection. Wil’s puzzles are collectables on their own, after all.

Despite the images you can find online and that can definitely give you a wrong perception of the size of an apple — please note that it is SMALL. It’s 3 cm high and can fit in the palm of your hand.

Nevertheless, it’s big enough to fit in a small ring inside.

What Wil Strijbos Say about Aluminum Apple Puzzle
Wil Strijbos
Aluminum Apple Puzzle Designer
Ask Question
"I think the Apple is now also a nice object to present your girlfriend a nice present, and to put a special ring inside that fits to the woman you be in love with, or just adore."

Very cute and I think it’s an amazing way to propose. Well, if your dear can solve the puzzle. 🙂

You also will need to solve it yourself first to put the ring inside so both of you will have to go through this hardship together. Basically, a great depiction of married life.

Green and Red Apple Puzzles by Will Strijbos front view
Green and Red Apple Puzzles by Will Strijbos side view

I just checked the green one open and figured out the secret mechanism! What a fantastic and brilliant mechanism inside these!! I love them!!!

Source Instagram: @gun_knife_and_puzzle_collector
Green Apple Puzzles by Will Strijbos close view.JPG
Red Apple Puzzles by Will Strijbos close view
Source Instagram: @gun_knife_and_puzzle_collector

But I digress, the apple’s quality is second to none as always, it’s heavier than you might anticipate due to the sturdy aluminum exterior. Other than that, it’s impeccable. Just make sure not to scratch it with keys in your pocket or by dropping it.

The solution itself is not hard and will probably take 1-2 hours to fully understand. If you have solved Dovetail puzzles before, it may take you less than 30 minutes.

Lastly, as with all Wil Strijbos’ puzzles, the solution is not included in the box, so you will need to rely on your own wit and persistence. Or just contact us and we’ll help you. 🙂


  • Great puzzle from Maestro Strijbos himself, so I would grab one as soon as I see it.
  • The solution is not entirely hard, but will pose a fair challenge.
  • Amazing gift and/or collectible for your shelf. Top-notch quality and presentation.
Innovation (it’s a dovetail puzzle, nothing new, albeit those are quite rare nowadays)
Physical Design (impeccable construction and quality, but size is a bit small)
Positive Solving Experience: 8/10 (it is very well put together, and has a surprise at the end)
Desirability (It’s a rare Wil Srtijbos puzzle, what do you expect?)

Where to Buy Aluminum Apple Puzzle

Trivia, Tips, Solution, FAQ

  • Make sure to use the stem on the apple, it will help you to open it.
  • You will not find a solution to apple anywhere on the internet, but if you are completely stuck you can take a look at the dovetail puzzle solutions — the mechanism is very similar and will give you a few ideas.
  • Red and Green apples are the same, the solution is the same as well, so if you wish to purchase only one — just pick the one you like the most.
  • It’s a collectible puzzle that has a high value. It’s pretty rare to come by.

What inside Aluminum Apple Puzzle?

Spoiler: The ring is already inside the Apple. It is a braid-like golden ring that has a magical attribute. If you put it on your finger and try rotating it — it will change its size. Incredible feature! That will make sure that this ring fits anyone who solves the puzzle.

Safe to say, it’s a great touch to the puzzle itself and adds a point to the “Positive Solving Experience”.

What inside Apple Puzzle by Wil Strijbos
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  1. Jason Meyers

    My son solved the Wil Stribos Apple puzzle and now we cannot lock it back together. I’m not sure if he has lost a piece from inside. Can you explain what I should find inside and how to put it back together so that it is locked?



    1. Roman

      Great. I don’t want to spoil solution for others, because it’s really rear puzzle. Try to look at Dovetail puzzles by Wil Strijbos solution and you will get the idea 😉