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Born in Takasaki, Japan, Asaka Yuu entered Akita University and Majored in Art.

During his third year he decided to make a jigsaw puzzle as a part of an assignment. He wanted to play on the unspoken assumptions and rules that created by people and thus created a great jigsaw puzzles that needed an “out of the box thinking” to be solved.

He is a creator of Jigsaw Puzzle 29 — the piece that won a “Honorable Mention” award at Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition 2018.

After that, he went on to create a whole line up of jigsaw puzzles called “Play Time” including Wave 7 and Ice 9.

We have reviewed all those puzzle in one big article so do not hesitate to take a look and learn more below.

Yuu Asaka Puzzles

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