Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama

Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama How to assemble Puzzles
Name:Cast Coil
Level (Complexity):Tough (8)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Reassemble and put together the pieces
Number of components:2
Estimated time:1 Hour
Size:4.5 x 4 x 1.7 cm / 1.75 x 1.5 x 0.65 in
Packaging:cardboard + plastic box: 75×119×45 mm
Materials used:Zinc, Brass
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Hanayama Cast Coil

Visual Description

Cast Coil is another product of the renowned puzzle manufacturer Hanayama that was established in the mid-1930s in Japan. I’m sure you know them for their “Cast” series of cast zinc disassembly puzzles.

The cast metal puzzles are the basics of their collection. All of Hanayama’s items are diverse, complex, stylish, and beautiful.

Main Features

How it looks. The Cast Coil puzzle consists of two from the first look identical parts. The combination of these pieces gives a pattern of silver and gold colors. They are coiled up to create a box-like lump with a hole in it.

The material used is brass and it is fun to admit that the metal is made in such a way that it mimics an aged look.

The puzzle is surprisingly small and not less surprisingly heavy and chunky. So you can carry it in your pocket and hand it to your friend in case you want to see him struggling and suffering.

What to do. As you’re puzzle savvy, you might already know that the objective is to take the pieces apart and then put them back together. Warning! Do not be self-confident here as it might be much harder to assemble it back!

How difficult. The Hanayama’s difficulty rate is different from others. Puzzle Master says that Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to their level 5 and level 6 is equivalent to Master’s level 10.

How to do. While you can reassemble it by luck, the assembling requires thoughtful steps.  As it’s a loop puzzle, you better write down the sequence so you could put the pieces back easier.

The parts won’t move at first, only wobble a little. So you need to push the golden piece to start rotating and sliding them both.

You can also notice that it’s easier to take the puzzle apart if you hold the silver piece still while moving the gold one.

Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama How to assemble
Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama Solution
Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama
Cast Coil Metal Puzzle by Hanayama Package


Hanayama products are famous for their impressive variety of configurations and connection principles. I won’t lie if I say that their puzzles are number one among the metal puzzles in the world. They develop abstract, spatial thinking and logical abilities. Besides, their price might be a plus in favor of the purchase.

Where to Buy

Check prices for Hanayama Cast Coil

Assembly Tips

  • It is very important to be as consistent and methodological with this kind of puzzles.
    • Try to document all your steps — write down what you before or after you progress further.
  • The reassembly is usually much harder — but not in this case. The reassembly is pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, the reassembly will give you a bigger picture on how the interior mechanism if the puzzle operates.
  • Hanayama Huzzle Cast Coil puzzle solution video made by RossDM can be found below:

Important Notes

  • Considered to be the highest “Grand master” (Level 4) puzzle according to Hanayama scoring. Other Level 4 puzzles, such as Cast UFO, can be found at their respective pages on PuzzleScore Hanayama brand page.
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