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Craighill Venn Puzzle Metal Puzzle Puzzles
Name:Venn Puzzle
Level (Complexity):Hard (8)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Take apart and put back together
Number of components:3
Estimated time:2-3 Hours
Size:2.25 in / 5.7 cm
Materials used:Stainless Die-cast steel
Safety:Choking hazard

Visual Description

Created by a group of innovative designers at Craighill — Venn Puzzle is, first of all, a classy piece of your interior design. It comes with a cool looking golden ring that you can place the sphere on and leave it shining on your desk, shelf or a coffee table.

The sphere itself is die-cast from stainless steel. It means that it was made on 3D printer that prints with molten metal. Actually, the sole idea of that is amazing.

The puzzle itself is a sphere that consists of 3 identical pieces. It kinda resembles Cast Marble by Hanayama, at least the sole trick is somewhat similar.

The main goal of this puzzle is to put it back together — the actual disassembly is quite easy as you need to simply spin it in place and the parts will separate.

Main Features

Venn puzzle is considered to be quite hard, some may even call it a Level 10 Puzzle, but I highly doubt that. Certainly, it is still a great dexterity challenge as you will need to find the right angle for all 3 pieces to make it go back to the original sphere form.

I’d say that some may even get lucky and get it down in just a few minutes, where other may find it super difficult and spend hours trying to assemble it back.

Of course, when you get used to it and understand the trick you may also want to try ramping up the challenge and do it blindfolded or with one hand.

Craighill Venn Puzzle Metal Puzzle
Craighill Venn Metal Puzzle
Craighill Venn Puzzle Metal Puzzle
Craighill Venn Puzzle
Craighill Venn Puzzle Solution
Craighill Venn Puzzle


It is very interesting puzzle with great story, fascinating concept and amazing people behind it.

The quality and the metal craftsmanship is superb. Venn puzzle will definitely be an amazing addition to the office table or a shelf at home.

Where to buy

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Tips and Tricks

  • The best possible advice it to try and find the right angles for all 3 pieces at the same time. It might take a while, but at some point the parts will slide inside each other.
  • One of the easier way is to pay close attention upon disassemble and make sure to remember how the parts look like when they come off.
  • Craighill Venn Puzzle solution video can be found below

Important Notes

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