Davy Jones Locker – Escape Room in a Puzzle Box. Cluebox by iDventures

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Sequential puzzles are quite rare and good sequential puzzles are even rarer, so it is always great to find something truly great.

With my love of sequential puzzles, I am always on a lookout for something like this. I even coined a new word — “sequentiality” that I definitely need to trademark sooner or later and use it for my own puzzles. 

But before I learn all the mysteries and hardships of creating a unique experience — I am always happy to solve some hard-yet-fair sequential puzzles by new brands.

Name:Davy Jones’ Locker
Level (Complexity):Quite complex (5)
Type:Wooden Puzzle Box / Sequential puzzle / Escape Room
Object:Disassemble the puzzle and open the box
Number of components:4 sections / 72 Part
Estimated time:1-2 Hour
Size:11x11x12 cm / 4.3x4.3x4.7 in
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Plywood
Where to Buy:PuzzleMaster / Amazon

About Davy Jones Locker

Davy Jones’ Locker is a sequential puzzle made by iDventure — a new brand on the block making their inventions and giving them life through Kickstarter campaign (3,445 backers pledged €253,350).

Obviously, judging by the name this box is pirate themed, and we will find a lot of pirate, ship and sea themed carvings on it.

Cluebox Davy Jones Locker Puzzle Box
Cluebox Davy Jones Locker Puzzle Box Package

The puzzle consists of several layers and has the form of a box. Our goal will be to solve all the puzzles one by one and methodically unlock and disassemble the puzzle’s “layers” until we reach the bottom and find a small prize inside.

There are 4 layers of the puzzle, each of which has a few separate small puzzles that you will need to solve in order to get to the bottom.

Cluebox Davy Jones Locker Puzzle Box Front View

I have to say that these kinds of puzzle boxes amaze me in their complexity. It must be quite hard to devise and design everything in a way that it works so smoothly.

Cluebox Davy Jones Locker Puzzle Box Top View

Safe to say, the quality of Davy Jones’ Locker is really polished.

Some puzzles with intricate moving parts can be a bit rough to move, but the overall exterior and interior of the locker is very good.

Cluebox Davy Jones Locker Puzzle Box Hot to solve

As for the complexity — this puzzle will probably take you a few hours to solve. I would suggest taking it easy and having a few sessions in order to prolong the pleasure of solving it and not get overly stressed over some parts.

Take one part of, then take a break and come back with some new and fresh ideas.

The amazing thing is that the puzzle will be suitable for all levels of puzzlers and even if you haven’t done sequential puzzles before you will definitely be able to get a hang of it and enjoy the process.


  • Great puzzle and amazing theme idea for a “sequentially” process.
  • If you think that Lotus Puzzle is too costly — then definitely start you sequential journey with puzzles from iDventure — they are equally amazing in both process and quality.

Where to Buy Davy Jones Locker

Davy Jones Locker Solutions

Solution from Mr.Puzzle:

Solution from Chris Ramsay:

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