Bitcoin Puzzle with Playing Card Decks Puzzle Box by Oskar van Deventer

Bitcoin Puzzle with 2 Playing Card Decks Puzzle Boxes
Name:Bitcoin Puzzle Playing Cards
Designer:Oskar van Deventer
Level (Complexity):Medium (7)
Type:Puzzle Box
Object:Unlock it and do the magic
Estimated time:1-2 Hours
Size:19x19x6 cm / 7.5x7.5x2.3 in
Packaging:Cloth box
Materials used:Acryl, Playing Cards
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Bitcoin Puzzle Playing Cards


Around two years ago at Cardistry-Con in Hong Kong two skillful cardists/magicians Patrick Kun and Andrei Jikh announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign – Bitcoin Puzzle Playing Cards. Throughout one year 1,286 backers pledged $154,611 to help bring their project to life.

Butcoin Puzzle box
Butcoin Puzzle box solution

Main Features

Firstly, it’s extremely elegant. Secondly, it looks quite unusual for a puzzle and that’s the major trick. It comes in a gray cloth bag with black signature. This is an acrylic puzzle box with two card decks inside. You can choose the color of them:

  • Green Edition (Limited)
  • Black Edition
  • White Edition (Limited)

I should mention that the mechanism was developed by talented Oskar van Deventer, a scientist and a Guinness World Record holder. He also designed the puzzles for Hanayama.

In order to get those stylish decks you need to open the box. There are hundreds of combinations, so you need to twist the key to find the right one. Guys uploaded a tutorial but without a solving code, so you can check it on their website.

The card box is made of premium soft touch Black dyed paper with interior/exterior Black & Gold Foil. 

The cards themselves are particularly noteworthy. Wow. Those Bitcoin-themed, foily golden patterns make them look like mysterious futuristic encryption on the soft smooth paper. An artist and illustrator Billy French has definitely done his best.

He helped the guys to implement the binary code and serial markings to the cards.

Bitcoin Puzzle Card Explain

  • (A) “FORTIS EST VERITAS” translates as “Strong is the Truth” from Latin.
  • (B) Binary code that translates to 21M, or 21 million Bitcoin as the maximum supply.
  • (C) Hammer and Shovel – a reference to the miner ecosystem protecting the protocol.
  • (D) Elements of Illuminati – encoded by SHA-256 algorithm.
  • (E) MMVIII, a Roman numeral for 2008. It’s an allusion to the date of publication of the renown White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • (F)  The reference to the transparency of blockchain securing the world. It’s anchored by the digital “B” of the Bitcoin currency protocol.
  • (G) There are clear instructions on how to learn the two secret codes disclosing the cards’ identity from the back design.

The cards are printed by the Legends Playing Card Co, and the company’s  name speaks for itself. They used Stud Paper with the Cardistry Finish.

It’s nice to know that the creators pay a lot of attention to the details like inscribing Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper to the inside of the card box right in the font of the United States’ Declaration of Independence.

I was surprised to know that there is a marking system on them so you can perform the tricks. They have video training for that as well.

Bitcoin Puzzle Solution


I would say that if you are more a puzzle lover rather than a cardist, this box may not be the best investment. This kind of puzzle is more of the cards and performances. The thing is quite pricey, but it’s totally worth it though, if it matches your needs. It can be a great combo if you are a fan of:

  • Cardistry
  • Puzzle
  • Bitcoin theme

But wait… even if you’re a dummy in cardistry, isn’t it a good chance to try out something new?

Where to Buy Bitcoin Puzzle with Playing Card Decks

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