Talisman Burr Wooden Puzzle by Pelikan Puzzles

Talisman Wooden Puzzle Solution by Pelican Puzzles Puzzles
Brand:Pelikan Puzzles
Level (Complexity):Challenging (9)
Type:Wooden Puzzle / Burr Puzzle
Object:Reassemble the pieces
Estimated time:Around 1 hour
Number of parts:5
Size:3.27 x 5.71 x 3.27 in
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Pin Oak and either Wenge or Jatoba wood
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Talisman by Pelikan Puzzles

Visual Description

The Talisman is another new masterpiece created by incredibly talented puzzle designer from Austria Stephan Baumegger for Pelikan

Stephan Baumegger is famous for his burr puzzle designs. If you open the website page with Pelikan items, you can tell which of them were invented by Stephan. One of the distinctive features of his creations is that most of them have something sticking out on the top. You may also know his Excaliburr or Key Lock puzzle.

Talisman Wood Puzzle by Pelican Puzzles
Talisman Wooden Packing Puzzle by Pelican Puzzles
Talisman Wooden Puzzle Solution by Pelican Puzzles

Main Features

The Talisman consists of the wooden frame with four pieces inside and the mushroom. The manufacturer states that the wooden combinations vary. It’s always Pin Oak and either Wenge or Jatoba wood.

I cannot help but mention the quality. As always with Pelikan puzzles, the tactile experience is just superb. The Talisman’s pieces are accurate fitting and sliding smooth and easily.

The objective sounds simple: to take apart and reassemble the pieces. Well, if you heard of Talisman’s big brother Excaliburr, you know you can’t do it with your eyes closed. It’s not a piece of cake. Not a walk in the park. Not as easy as pie. Not easy-peasy. Okay, I think you got my point:)

As I always say, the complexity of the puzzle is in the eye of the beholder. If the only brain-teaser you solved in your life was a Peppa Pig puzzle with your niece, it might be way too challenging. But don’t think it’s going to be easy for puzzle maniacs, they will still need to think deeply.

Talisman Burr Puzzle by Pelican Puzzles


Despite the Talisman is quite pricey, this thing is a good investment. You not only have to take the pieces apart, you also need to put them back together. If you don’t try to remember the way to solve it, you can challenge yourself over and over. Besides, because the wood is never out of style and the Talisman is beautifully crafted, you can keep this aesthetically pleasing piece on your shelf or a desk.

P.S. If you were wondering why the box with a mushroom on the top is called “Talisman”, here is my guess. The mushrooms symbolize unconditional love, symbiosis and growth. Growth of our cognitive skills while solving the puzzles.

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