Dice Puzzle Box – Japanese Wooden Puzzle Box by Karakuri

Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box Japanese

Karakuri Dice is a puzzle box designed by Akio Kamei from Karakuri Creation Group. I have to say right away — I have a soft spot in my heart for unusual puzzle boxes with interesting solutions.

Puzzle boxes are not entirely practical, but they are largely used by people to store some jewelry or hide something from plain sight.

Considering most puzzle boxes can be solved by anyone in less than an hour — sometimes it is very important to have a puzzle box that is not so obvious.

Name:Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box
Brand:Karakuri Creation Group
Level (Complexity):Challenging (6)
Type:Wooden Puzzles / Wooden Puzzle Boxes
Object:Open the hidden compartment
Estimated time:Up to 30 minutes
Size:Dice: 8×8×8 cm / 3.15×3.15×3.15 in
Hidden Compartment: 6×5.4×3.85 cm
Packaging:Cardboard box
Materials used:Walnut
Where to Buy:Puzzlemaster

About Karakuri Dice Puzzle

Karakuri Dice is a puzzle box of the exact level of difficulty I would prefer. It is quite tricky to solve, there is a nice gimmick to it and overall, if you don;’t know exactly — you might not even understand it’s a puzzle box in the first place. Perfect? Absolutely.

Made out of walnut, the actual quality and the woodwork is amazing. The reason why I mentioned that it’s not even obvious that it can be a puzzle box is that there are no seams at first glance. There are no seams on a second glance even. Really you won’t be able to find it and the puzzle box will look like a solid cube.

So how to open Karakuri Dice Puzzle?

how to solve Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box

Main Features

This is where the real magic comes through. Of course, there is a solution that comes in the package, but I always thought it is more interesting to try solving the box by yourself and get help only if you are really stuck.

The inner mechanism of the puzzle is quite interesting. Upon shaking the puzzle you will hear something rattling inside. This will be your starting point on the journey to the solution.

The hidden compartment is quite big actually, considering the initial size of the die and take around 70% of the inner space. Quite practical, considering that sometimes we get very small storage with visually big puzzle boxes — that means the mechanism inside takes a lot of space. Here — the mechanism is so subtle and intricate that you still have a lot of storage just for yourself.

Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box by Akio Kamei
Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box
Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box Solution


Karakuri Dice Puzzle Score
Positive Solving Experience

Nice puzzle and really cool thing to put on a shelf and hide something inside. No one will ever know, and even if they do: I don’t think they will be able to open this puzzle box fast enough.

Great model by Kamei Akio. More of his puzzle boxes will be coming to the website soon, so stay tuned.

Where to Buy Karakuri Dice Puzzle

Karakuri Dice Puzzle Box Solutions

  • To solve the box, all you need to do is to place the box with the “1” side upwards and then rotate it to “2”, then “3” and all the way to “6”. When the puzzle box will reach “6” — you will be able to slide the lid of this side and open the box.
Solution from Chris Ramsay YouTube Channel
Solution from HakoneMaruyama YouTube Channel
Solution from Karakuri Box (Karakuri Kikaku) YouTube Channel

Important Notes

  • Created by Akio Kamei from KCG. He is a creator of Cassiopeia, Double Box and Secret Boxes 1-4.


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