Steampunk Clock Wooden 3D Puzzle by Ugears

Steampunk Clock 3d wooden puzzle by ugears 3D
Name:Steampunk Clock
Level (Complexity):Easy (2)
Type:Wooden 3D Puzzle
Object:Assemble the clock
Number of components:43
Estimated time:1 Hour
Size:10.83 x 3.94 x 0.35 in
Packaging:cardboard box
Materials used:Organic wooden pieces
Safety:sharp objects, choking hazard
Where to buy:Check Prices for Ugears Steampunk Clock

Visual Description

Steampunk lovers will definitely find this Steampunk Clock by Ugears a must-have as this 3D Wooden Puzzle is a quintessential representation of the steam-powered aesthetics.

Consisting of 3 major gears that drive the whole mechanism with a see-through configuration and  skeleton-like construction — this 3D wooden puzzle definitely is one of the most beautiful, yet easy to assemble Ugears models.

The difficulty of the model has to be mentioned separately: it is extremely beginner-friendly as it consists of only 43 parts and can be assembled in just under 1 hour. Thus, it is a perfect model if you’d like to start your journey in the world of 3D Puzzles and at the same time a great gift for a friend or a relative.

Great design allows you to feel every inch of the mechanism when it is working. Amazing simplicity multiplied by ingenious design solutions.

Main Features

Unfortunately, despite the looks, it is not a real clock. It means that it doesn’t move on its own. Nevertheless, all gears can be rotated manually by hand.

The whole idea of this 3D Wooden Puzzle is to show how clocks work and depict the mechanism first hand. Assembling a Steampunk Clock with kids is an amazing idea as it can also be a part of STEM learning.

Of course, this sole features are joined by the superb quality of the plywood and easy assembly that makes the Steampunk Clock a fascinating example of pure shelf-ready aesthetics.

Steampunk Clock 3d wooden puzzle by ugears
Ugears Steampunk Clock 3d wooden puzzle
Ugears Steampunk Clock 3d wooden puzzle solution
Ugears Steampunk Clock 3d wooden puzzle assembly
Ugears Steampunk Clock 3d wooden puzzle instructions


Great gift and marvelous entry-level 3D Wooden Puzzle by Ugears, that obviously will stand out on your desk or office shelf. Great for fans of steampunk aesthetics.

Where to Buy

Check Prices for Ugears Steampunk Clock

Tips and Tricks

  • Do I need to use glue?
    • You don’t have to use glue as the parts hold firmly together. On the other hand, if you wish to keep the pieces intact forever – the adhesive can be used. Of course, caution is advised, and you have to remember not to apply glue on moving parts.
  • Are the tracks included?
    • Yes, the straight set of tracks are included with the set. The trail is around 96 inches long (245 cm).
  • Does the whistle work?
    • No, it is just a replica.
  • Can it be used as a gift?
    • An excellent gift for young and elderly alike.
  • Can I get a broken part replaced?
    • Yes, you can contact Ugears via their website, or let us know in the comments – we will help you.
  • I have lost/tore my rubber bands, can I use different ones.
    • You can certainly try it. The best way is to buy many different ones and see which are the best in terms of tension.
  • Detailed FULL assembly PDF instruction for Ugears V-Express Steam Train with Tender you can find here.
  • Watch full Steampunk Clock assembly video below.

Important Notes

  • Made of laser cut wood
  • Good for STEM Learning and assembling with kids.
  • Check the Amy & Benton 3D Wooden Clock review as well to find a real working clock that you can assemble all by yourself.

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