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Puzzle Lock HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys Locks
Name:HoKey CoKey Trick Lock
Brand:Two Brass Monkeys
Level (Complexity):MInd-twisting in a good way (8)
Type:Metal Puzzle / Metal Puzzle Locks
Object:Unlock the Lock
Estimated time:1-2 hours
Number of parts:7
Size:9 cm tall x 4 cm wide
Packaging:Cloth bag
Materials used:Metal
Safety:Choking hazard
Where to Buy:Check Prices for HoKey CoKey Trick Lock

Visual Description

Lock Puzzles come in a great variety and the amount of tricks that puzzle engineers implement in them is amazing.

Sometimes I think that that the amount of possible tricks that can be fitted inside the lock is limited and as some point puzzle locks will just die out as a sort of puzzle genre. But every time I stumble upon a new lock puzzle — there is an absolutely new trick there that you haven’t even thought about before.

That’s exactly the case with HoKey CoKey trick lock by Two Brass Monkeys as you will never guess what’s up with that until you try literally everything.

The lock itself looks like a simple average brass lock with a neat looking bottle opener and 2 keys attached to it.

Bottle openers are usually of different colors, but the model seems to be the same across all HoKeys CoKeys.

HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys Review photo
HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys Review

Main Features

Two keys look nearly identical, but you will be able to spot a small difference (one has more “teeth” than the other).

Other than that the puzzle prohibits the usage of external tools so you all you have on your hands are the keys and the bottle opener to deal with the lock. Also, of course the lock itself can be a tool.

The solution to this puzzle is quite unique and you will really have to think outside of the box to solve it.

The main idea here is to try every possible way that you can think of and use every crazy idea that might come to your mind to your advantage. Honestly, at some point, you will be able to uncover the amazing solutions and it will definitely bring a great and rewarding feeling.

Though, if you are a super experienced puzzle lock solver — you might understand what’s the solution is pretty quickly. But that’s just a theory.

Puzzle Lock HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys
HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys Puzzle
HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys how to open
HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys How to solve
HoKey CoKey Trick Lock by Two Brass Monkeys Solution


For me, personally, it was a unique experience and I was amazed at the solution.

It is definitely a great way to pass some time and also see how other people would try to solve it. It is fun to see their thought processes especially if you know the real solution already.

Nice Puzzle Lock, a great gift, and absolutely mind-twisting (in a good way) solution. A definite recommendation from us and kudos to Two Brass Monkeys for putting that awesome piece together.

Where to buy

Check Prices for HoKey CoKey Trick Lock Puzzle

Tips and Tricks

  • Basically the whole solution to this lock is to unscrew on side of the shackle of the lock. You don’t need to use the key or the bottle opener.
    • Yeah, that’s the whole solution. 😉
  • Two Brass Monkeys HoKey CoKey Trick Lock Puzzle Video solution can be found below

Important Notes

  • Made by UK Duo Steve and Ali from Two Brass Monkeys. This one is specifically Ali’s creation, as the name suggests.

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