B-Lock Puzzle – Metal Lock by Boaz Feldman

Boaz Feldman B-Lock Metal Puzzle Lock Locks
Name:B-Lock Puzzle
Brand:Boaz Feldman
Level (Complexity):Hard (8)
Type:Metal Puzzle / Metal Puzzle Locks
Object:Take apart and put back together
Estimated time:1-2 Hours
Number of parts:3
Size:6.3×4×1.4 cm / 2.5×1.6×0.6 in
Packaging:Felt Bag
Materials used:Metal
Safety:Small parts, choking hazard

Visual Description

B-Lock is made by Boaz Feldman, son of Dan Feldman who has created the famous Danlock.

This is one more classic lock puzzle, although not as hard and complex as Danlock, but it definitely has its own gimmick and a set of tricks that will keep you entertained for a while.

The puzzle itself looks quite intimidating: it looks like simple lock and there is also a simple key attached to it.

You cannot use any external tools, so the key will be your only tool. Sound simple enough, right? Just put the key in the keyhole and you are done, but alas the key does not go in so easily and that’s where the real deal begins.

Main Features

The design is simple yet sturdy, the quality of the lock is superb and the actually craftsmanship of both external and internal parts of the puzzle is great.

I wish I could highlight more details, but I guess I won’t be able to without spoiling too much.

The beautiful thing about this puzzle that as soon as you understand that there is something wrong with this lock and it is definitely not as simple as it seems — you start noticing minor discrepancies and gradually uncover a whole mystery behind it.

Safe to say, the “discovery” aspect of this puzzle is just as amazing as Danlock. There is an ultimate rewarding feeling when you finally uncover your first clue and start putting the solution together.

Boaz Feldman B-Lock Metal Puzzle Lock
Boaz Feldman B-Lock Puzzle Lock
B-Lock Metal Puzzle Lock Box by Boaz Feldman


Amazing thing and a must-have for every puzzle lover and a collector.

It is actually quite suitable for someone who wants to start solving “Lock Puzzles” and doesn’t want to take on a very hard challenge.

Definite recommendation and since it is not as pricey as Danlock Puzzle — it can be your gate to the wonderful world of lock puzzles.

Where to Buy B-Lock Puzzle Lock

Tips and Tricks

  • There is a small pin hidden inside the base of the key. You will need to shake the key lightly to make it pop out.
  • The pin can be inserted in the small pinhole on side of the lock, near the keyhole. Use it to move the internal spring. That will help you to actually insert the key further.
  • After you insert the key to the maximum — move it back a bit. The key doesn’t have to be inserted fully to unlock the latch.
  • Boaz Feldman B-Lock Puzzle solution video by can be found below
Source: Chris Ramsey YouTube Channel

Important Notes

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