Feed the Monkey Puzzle by Two Brass Monkeys

Let’s meet another piece of work by the talented puzzle designers Two Brass Monkeys! Can it be any better than a puzzle these experienced collectors would like to have for themselves?

Feed the Monkey Puzzle by Two Brass Monkeys
Name:Feed The Monkey
Brand:Two Brass Monkeys
Level (Complexity):Medium (6)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Put All Sticks into the Box
Estimated time:1-2 hours
Number of parts:18
Size:90 mm tall x 32mm deep and wide
Packaging:Silicon banana bag
Materials used:Brass, Aluminium
Safety:Choking hazard
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Feed The Monkey Puzzle

Visual Description

Feed The Monkey: Brass Packing Puzzle is another product of Two Brass Monkeys. The Two Brass Monkeys themselves are Ali Morris and Steve Nicholls, the collectors, huge fans of puzzles and designers at the same time.

First of all I have to mention that I love when there is a story behind the puzzle. It reminds me more of an enigma. The creators tell us that “Your greedy little monkey has already eaten a whole bunch of bananas saving the biggest and best for last. Unfortunately, with eyes bigger than its belly, the last extra large banana has only been partly eaten. Can you feed your monkey so that every last bit of nutritious banana is swallowed?”

Main Features

“The monkey” is actually an aluminum and brass box with an image of the open-mouthed monkey on the top. “The Bananas” are 17 brass sticks.

So what you basically need to do with it is to put all the brass rods inside the box so no “banana” sticks out.

The fed monkey weights around 1.24 lbs / 563 g, it feels quite hefty in your hand. For some reason we like it when relatively small things are weighty, I know:) 

The packaging looks like a good match for this concept. It is a silicon banana case, I guess your kid might like it as well. 

If you go to Puzzle Master and look it through, you’ll see that the items are pretty pricey. Feed The Monkey is one of the most expensive there. Ouch!


This puzzle is well-designed and well-thought-out. You understand this just by looking at it. I like that there’s a sense of humor in its details, it makes the product more live. 

In case you are an experienced puzzle lover and you can solve it within 1 hour. If you are not an expert, it may take muuuch more time and the purchase will be exciting puzzle journey. I leave this to you:)

Where to buy

Tips and Tricks

Spoiler alert!

  • Inside the monkey’s head (top of the puzzle) there is a notch in the shape of one banana. Now do this:
    • Turn it upside down.
    • Shake it so that one banana gets stuck in the notch. 
    • Now you can just throw in the rest of them!
  • Feed The Monkey Puzzle Video Solution can be found below

Important Notes

  • You can choose the gender of the monkey. There is no difference in them except for the lady’s eyelashes.
  • Made by UK Duo Steve and Ali from Two Brass Monkeys. Check other puzzles from them.

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