Huzzle Cast News Metal Puzzle by HANAYAMA

Hanayama cast news Puzzles
Name:Cast News
Level (Complexity):Complex (8)
Type:Metal Puzzle
Object:Take apart and then reassemble
Number of components:2
Estimated time:1-10 Hours
Size:31/8 x 25/8 x 13/8 in
Packaging:cardboard + plastic box: 75×119×45 mm
Materials used:cast zinc
Safety:no small parts, but keeping away from small children is advised

Visual Description

Cast NEWS by Hanayama is a spectacular puzzle that might be very easy or very hard for you to solve.

Made by a famous and one of the most prominent puzzlers Nobuyuki “Nob” Yoshigahara — the man so famous in puzzle making world that he has the whole Puzzle Design Competition named after him.

Composed of two dark red brass hourglass parts that together form an amulet that is seemingly divided on 4 parts — North, East, West and South — hence the puzzle’s name.

The main objective is to disassemble the puzzle and then assemble it again, like most of the Hanayama puzzles and alike.

The trick is that there is no visible knobs or notches, no etches or fully pushable buttons so it may confuse you from the very beginning. It just looks like a full-body amulet.

Design itself is quite simplistic, but nevertheless clean and tidy — the bold look of the puzzle will play that psychological trick with you to further manipulate you into believing that the puzzle is unsolvable.

Main Features

We do not want to go much into how the puzzle operates since it may spoil the fun of actually solving it.

The best way to describe this great piece is that it will require you to use your imagination and spatial sense since you will need to get inside the puzzle without actually getting inside it physically. Imagining how it works inside based on the little information you can gather in various ways is the key to solving that puzzle.

cast news
Hanayama cast news


Being a Grandmaster type puzzle — NEWS is certainly a challenge, but as I have mention in the beginning — it can also be quite easy. Basically, if you are lucky (or unlucky enough) you can accidentally solve it by dropping it on the floor.

That being said — NEWS are definitely something to try out. Newbies might struggle a lot, but experienced puzzle solvers will be able to burn through it in a few hours.

Where to Buy

Check prices for Hanayama Cast NEWS

Assembly Tips

  • It is very important to be as consistent and methodological with this kind of puzzles.
    • Try to document all your steps — write down what you before or after you progress further.
  • The reassembly is usually much harder — but not in this case. The reassembly is pretty straightforward. Nevertheless, the reassembly will give you a bigger picture on how the interior mechanism if the puzzle operates.
  • Hanayama Huzzle Cast News puzzle solution video can be found below

Important Notes

  • Made of high quality cast iron
  • Considered to be the highest “Grand master” (Level 6) puzzle according to Hanayama scoring. Other Level 6 puzzles, such as Cast Vortex and Cast Infinity, can be found at their respective pages on PuzzleScore Hanayama brand page.
  • 4 parts sides of the puzzle have their own respective names — North, East, West and South — hence the puzzle’s name.
  • Upon closer examination you might notice that the N, E, W, S sides are mirrored on each side.


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Hanayama puzzles you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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