Pelikan Puzzles – «Thor’s Hammer» Metal vs Wood

Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Metal and Wood Puzzles
Name:Thor’s Hammer
Brand:Wooden: Pelikan Puzzles / Stephan Baumegger
Metal: Puzzle Master
Level (Complexity):Complex (8)
Type:Wooden Puzzle / Metal Puzzle
Object:Take apart and put back again
Estimated time:5-10 hours
Number of parts:10
Size:Wooden: 23.5×8.4×9.6 cm / 9.3×3.3×3.8 in
Metal: 23.5×8.3×9.5 cm / 9.25×3.75×3.25 in
Packaging:Bubble Wrap
Materials used:Wooden: Maple, Dark Oak and Brass Pins
Metal: Aluminum
Safety:Heavy, no small parts
Where to Buy:Check Prices for Wooden Thor’s Hammer / Check Prices for Metal Thor’s Hammer

Visual Description

First of all, Thor’s Hammer comes in 2 variants — wooden and metal. We will review both pieces in this article and highlight the key differences.

Thor’s Hammer is an absolute epic build from great Stephan Baumegger — the creator of almost impossible Excalibur Puzzle in conjunction with Pelikan Puzzles.

The puzzle itself is looking outright epic and feels just right in your hand when assembled.


The two puzzles are not very different — the mechanism and the exact moves are the same so the only difference is in the material.

The matte shine of Metal Hammer feels and looks absolutely amazing. Metal hammer is much heavier than the wooden one and, honestly, feels more serious — you will feel like a God of Thunder with this one.

Metal hammer is also a tiny bit smaller than the wooden. But this difference is so insignificant that you won’t probably notice.

On the other hand, Wooden hammer’s soothing color palette of Maple and Dark Oak match greatly and add to the feel of  Norse mythology. I could’ve used a bit more ornamentation for the price, but nevertheless the hammer looks absolutely fantastic too.

As for the features: the two puzzles are identical in solution and it all comes down to your own preference of which material you like more.

Also, the both types of Hammers might be out of stock, so sometimes it is also a choice of availability.

Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Metal and Wood


I am not going to lie, this puzzle is pretty hard and will take quite a few tries to take apart. There are totals of 65 moves and whopping 7 stages that you need to go through in order to take this apart completely.

The mechanism inside s quite complex and you will definitely have hard time imagining it — in fact it is almost impossible so you will need to rely on your instincts and puzzle solving experience. Believe me, this puzzle incorporates all kinds of techniques that you must know by solving all kinds of different puzzles and that is what makes it beautiful and ultimately challenging for anyone.

My only concern is that the puzzle is even harder to put back together as you will need to execute all 65 moves backwards without any mistakes. If you can do this all by yourself — we applaud your intellect and persistence.

Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer wooden Puzzle
Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Puzzle Solution
Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Puzzle Wooden
Puzzle master Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Metal Puzzle
Puzzle master Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Metal Puzzle Solution
Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Metal Puzzle
Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Metal Puzzle
Puzzle master Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Metal Puzzle Assembly


Absolutely amazing challenge that is definitely worth every penny. Despite being quite pricey — we must admit that it is not only a puzzle, but also a work f mechanical and engineering art.

A great present for your boss (if you want to stand out) or a great present to yourself.

Where to buy

Check prices for Wooden Thor’s Hammer Puzzle

Check prices for Metal Thor’s Hammer Puzzle

Assembly Tips

  • Make sure to document all your steps as you will probably will need to go back and redo some parts quite often.
  • This is a consecutive puzzle — the parts need to come off one by one and the mechanism itself is pretty smooth.
  • Make sure not to apply too much force as you can crack or even break the puzzle.
  • Wooden Thor’s Hammer PDF Solution – Download
  • Metal Thor’s Hammer PDF Solution – Download
  • Pelikan Puzzles Thor’s Hammer Puzzle solution video can be found below


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Pelikan Puzzles puzzles you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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