Top 5 Puzzles to Do Together on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is all about giving thanks to the perceived blessings. And eating. And family gatherings. This year you don’t need to check your phone in the bathroom to escape their personal questions. Let us handle this: just bring some of these puzzles and keep the whole family occupied!

Top 5 Puzzles to Do Together on Thanksgiving Day

There is a saying “All happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”. I know what happy families have in common – they solve the puzzles together. So here are The Top 5 Puzzles to Do Together on Thanksgiving Day while your uncle is telling his cringy jokes.

Wine Bottle Challenge by SiamMandalay is a great thing to bring as a gift to any dinner. If you want some wine, you have to think deeply first. It’s a little sadistic, I know. 

The wine bottle is trapped inside two wooden parts – a base and a cap. They are connected with a string that you need to unleash first. You can also put any other bottle there and repeat the action. 

The puzzle is pretty easy to solve, even a child can do it. After turning 21, of course.

Combine Harvester by Ugears and the celebration of the fall harvest would be a perfect match. As well as kids and wooden model puzzles. 

Children (well, adults too) will be particularly happy to assemble the wooden puzzle and then watch the mechanism of the combine in action.

As always, Ugears provide the detailed manual with pictures, warnings and tips in 14 languages. The manuals prove to be extremely easy to understand so don’t worry if you haven’t done such puzzles before.  

Actually quite cool and unusual model for Ugears line up. With all the steampunk aesthetics it is a very down to earth yet incredibly detailed model that can be a nice toy for kids and adults alike.

Your auntie Karen won’t be violating your privacy this Thanksgiving! She’ll be too busy protecting her territory when playing Blokus Duo by Mittel Games.  

This game is a remix of a legendary Blokus but with a little change of the players number. Now it’s made for two people, which makes the gameplay faster. 

Each player has 21 pieces that need to be placed on the board, touching the one of the same color at the corners. The game is super easy to learn, so the youngest ones will enjoy it too. 

Constantin Games Monkey Business Puzzle
Constantin Games Monkey Business Puzzle
Constantin Games Acrobat Tower Puzzle
Constantin Games Acrobat Tower Puzzle
Jean Claude Constantin after party puzzle
Jean Claude Constantin After Party puzzle

It’s high time to stop scrolling those endless pictures of turkeys and swift your attention to these towers designed by our beloved Jean Claude Constantin! They are the three puzzles of the same kind. You need to stack the pieces so that they do not fall. 

The only difference between them is that you stack monkeys in Monkey Business, acrobats in Acrobat Tower and the dishes in After Party.

This game can be played with multiple variations: 

  • Stacking the pieces with your friends one by one and see who crashes it
  • To see who makes the tower faster or higher (a ruler and send timer are included) 

Are you looking for a way to distract your granny from feeding you to death? We have a solution for you. Offer her and other family members to sit around the table (just move that pie to the side a little) and play with Penny Drop by Creative Crafthouse!

It is a fantastically crafted wooden box with six cuts for pennies. The game can be played by at least two people. You just need to roll a dice and put the corresponding number of pennies inside. The one who gets rid of his coins first, wins the game. 

You can spice things up and put any amount of money inside so that the winner takes it all.


These suggestions may help you diversify the usual activities and survive Thanksgiving Day I’m kidding! Get yourself stretch pants and enjoy spending time with your family!  

Make sure to let us know in the comments if you have any questions. Thanks!

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