UGEARS «Archballista-Tower»

«Archballista-Tower» mechanical model kit 3D
Level (Complexity):Medium (5)
Type:Wooden 3D Puzzle
Object:assembling the mechanism
Number of components:292
Estimated time:6 Hours
Size:Archballista: 6*3.7*3.8 in (15.3*9.5*9.6 cm)
Tower: 3.5*3.2*5.6 in (9*8.1*14.2 cm)
Packaging:cardboard 14.6*6.7*1.3 in (37.8*17*3.2 cm)
Materials used:Organic wooden pieces
Safety:sharp objects, choking hazard

Visual Description

Archballista-Tower set is definitely something different and has it standing apart from the usual Ugears lineup. It will engulf you in the age of history when no steam engines were invented yet.

The medieval set from Ugears consists of 2 different modules: an Archballista that is made in the best practice of medieval siegecraft and a mechanical tower with an adjustable height.

Archballista gives off a great feel of a complex mechanism despite it’s small size. The variety of features that are described below are the base of the interactivity that will surely entertain you long after the assembly is finished.

The tower is specifically designed to look run-down and dilapidated to make sure you can perceive the moving mechanism inside. The tower itself is ornamented with medieval crests and had ivy crawling on the walls

Overall, the visuals are on par with other Ugears models with certain emphasis on interactivity that we all love and appreciate.

Main Features

The 2 modules have their own moving mechanisms and other interesting features that can be used for quick assemble-and-play action.

Ballista consists of 2 parts: the base and the shooting mechanism. The mechanism can be detached from the base and placed on top of the assembled Tower.

The firing mechanism can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically and fires wooden bolts. An extra mile touch to the firing mechanism is that it can shoot up-to 3 wooden bolts in a row, not just one.

The 2-store Tower can be collapsed manually or by hitting the Dragon Crest shield with a ballista.

Ugears Ballista
Ugears Tower
Ugears play
Ugears fire
Ugears mechanic


Despite being mildly challenging to assemble — kids will find a great pleasure and interest in this set. With a little help from you it can be assembled in about 5-6 hours and then bring many more hours of enterntainment.

Nice little set, albeit not the best one from Ugears line-up. Nevertheless, it will certainly find it’s way and shines among the steam-punk themed models right away.

Where to Buy

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Assembly Tips

  • Detailed assembly tips of Ugears mechanical models you can find here.
  • Download full PDF instruction in 11 languages with pictures to Archballista-Tower here.
  • Watch full Archballista-Tower assembly video below.

Important Notes

  • Made of high quality plywood
  • Perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Ugears mechanical models you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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