UGEARS «Steam Locomotive with Tender»

Name:Steam Locomotive with Tender
Level (Complexity):Advanced (7)
Type:Wooden 3D Puzzle
Object:assembling the mechanism
Number of components:443
Estimated time:10-12 Hours
Size:Locomotive size: 12*3.9*4.9 in (31.5*10*12.5 cm)
Tender size: 6.3*3.5*4.5 in (16*9*11.5 cm)
Packaging:cardboard 14.6*6.7*1.6 in (37*17*4cm)
Materials used:Organic wooden pieces
Safety:sharp objects, choking hazard

Visual Description

Steam locomotive combines the steamy industrial era of progress with the typical Ugears fleur. A definitive Kickstarter hit— this locomotive is made to look like real engines of 19th century. The only thing that lacks is the actual steam — the feeling of railroad romance is definitely there.

The design is stunning and the attention to detail is amazing: detailed engineer’s cab with retractable step ladder, art-deco boiler trim, and open-up Tender with coal — all these have moving parts and add a realism feel to every step of the assembly and play.

Main Features

The locomotive is powered by a rubber band engine that actually looks and feels like a real steam one. Upon closer look-up you will be able to see the movement of asynchronous pistons at the front of the locomotive that transfers the power to the wheels using a complex system of rods, linkages and cranks.

ugears steam locomotive
ugears steam locomotive engine
ugears steam locomotive tender
ugears steam locomotive packing
ugears steam locomotive instructions

Comparison with Prime Steam Express by RORK

Prime Steam Express Model Wooden 3D Puzzle by ROKR

Ugears locomotive is definitely winning in terms of functionality. The wind up mechanism and the tracks are a great way to play and have limitless fun value. As for the design, Ugears 3D wooden puzzle has a simplistic design whereas the Prime Steam Express has way more cool digitalisation features and is basically a model for display, not for playing.


It is quite complex puzzle that will take you a weekend (or even a few) to assemble. The coolest thing is actually seeing how it moves on the rails and realizing that you have assembled that yourself without any additional instruments — only by following the instructions.

A great puzzle that gives that pleasant sense of achievement in the end.

Where to buy

Check prices for Ugears Steam Locomotive

Assembly Tips

  • Detailed assembly tips of Ugears mechanical models you can find here.
  • Download full PDF instruction in 11 languages with pictures to Steam Locomotive here.
  • Watch full Steam Locomotive assembly video below.

Important Notes

  • Made of high-quality plywood
  • Being a older kickstarter model — Steam locomotive got it spirit successor, the V-Express Steam Train in 2018
  • Perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Ugears mechanical models you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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