UGEARS «Tugboat»

Level (Complexity):Medium (4)
Type:Wooden 3D Puzzles
Object:assembling the mechanism
Number of components:169
Estimated time:2-3 Hours
Size:11.2*4.7*7.3 in (28.5*12*18.5 cm)
Packaging:cardboard 14.9*6.7*1.3 in (37.8*17*3.2 cm)
Materials used:Organic wooden pieces
Safety:sharp objects, choking hazard

Visual Description

Tugboat by Ugears is just another greatly done mechanical wonder that works without on what appears to be pure magic. Although the design is somewhat simplistic and lack the certain level of detail that is usually present in other models — it is visually pleasing.

Inspired by the calming breeze, sense of nautical adventure and marine aesthetics. Although it is not challenging to assemble — the minor details are surely there and will strike the familiarity nostalgia to various marine enthusiasts and beyond.

Exterior details of the tugboat are promptly removed to expose the beauty of a mechanism that is working inside. It is both simple and unique approach that will please everyone who is fond of Ugears products.

Main Features

Tugboat is assembled without using glue or additional tools. All you need is the step-by-step manual (in 11 languages) that you will find with it to kick off your conundrum journey.

The wind-up mechanism is put in motion by a rubber-band motor that is attached to the bearing. The wheels of the tugboat are placed in asymmetric manner to simulate the rocking motion as if the Tugboat is going the the calm sea waves.

Tugboat sports 2 rope hooks that can be attached to another Ugears marine model or any other moving cargo. That way, upon full wind up, the tugboat is able to move for 2-3 meters by itself.

Tugboat by Ugears 1
Tugboat by Ugears 2
Tugboat by Ugears 3


Tugboat is cute little model that will be a great addition to your marine collection. The assemble is top-notch, as always, thanks to the laser cut part and high-quality wood used.

Recommended for beginner level puzzle solvers, marine fans and Ugears advocates.

Where to Buy

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Assembly Tips

  • Detailed assembly tips of Ugears mechanical models you can find here.
  • Download full PDF instruction in 11 languages with pictures to Tugboat here.
  • Watch full Tugboat assembly video below.

Important Notes

  • Made of high quality plywood
  • Works great with any other moving Ugears model: cars, trucks etc.
  • Perfect for family projects through hands-on STEM learning


  • Detailed answers on Frequently Asked Questions about Ugears mechanical models you can find here.
  • If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will answer in detail and include them in the FAQ list.

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